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Minutes of the Executive Committee

June 25, 2003

Present: Jackie Dean, Barbara Graham, Jane Hedberg, Rachel Howarth, Renata Kalnins, Gloria Korsman, Alix Reiskind, Kathy Rutter, Tim Strawn, Sid Verba

Absent: Ethel Hellman, Michael Hopper, Manda Mahoney, Ellen Shea, Pat Tully

The meeting began with introductions and opening remarks by Sid Verba. He commented that the Librariansí Assembly is unique at Harvard. No other body has members from all the faculties, and, therefore, it has an important role to play in fostering a sense of community. The LAís main functions are communication and professional development, and the recent spring meeting (The Challenges of Collecting in a Complex World) was especially good at fulfilling those functions. University Counsel has explicitly warned that the LA is not a labor organization and must be careful not to address issues that are the province of labor organizations.

Sid and Barbara Graham would like to foster closer ties with the LAEC, and offered to attend LAEC meetings, when possible. Rachel Howarth pointed out that it would assist the LAEC in planning if a representative could attend the University Library Council meetings.

Possible Topics for the Fall 2003 Assembly

Sid suggested four topics for upcoming LA meetings:

  1. Librarians and the teaching process; examining the central role of the library in teaching and research
  2. Relationship of students to the library; examining student views and needs
  3. Librarians and security issues; examining the effects of the Patriotís Act, filtering, etc.
  4. Economics of library acquisitions; markets for research materials, smuggling, etc.

Barbara suggested that panels are an always interesting way to present diverse opinions, and three possible topics:

  1. Student research needs; how do they interpret them
  2. Ethics of collecting
  3. Demographics of interdisciplinary research; what does it mean to support research across disciplines

Gloria Korsman suggested the effects of globalization. Kathy Rutter suggested reconsidering a program about the ICommons, courseware and getting the libraries more involved with teaching. Sid Verba suggested contacting Elizabeth Hess in the Provostís Office for more information.


Sid, Barbara and the LAEC see great value in a mentoring program. Alix Reiskind reported that the Professional Development Committee will be working with the Rights and Responsibilities Committee to develop a proposal. Their preliminary discussions indicate that mentoring could be valuable for both new and veteran librarians. Possible topics include information about how to get research published and where at Harvard one may get answers to questions about professional ethics.


Benefits -- Kathy Rutter reported that the programs about retirement have been popular. Another program featuring a representative from TIAA-CREF and Paul Zizzo is scheduled for July 30 from 11:30-1:30 in Harvard Hall 104. Possible fall programs include explanations of new benefits, public transportation and parking, athletics, library borrowing privileges, child care, and scholarships. The Committee has received a request for a follow-up program about early retirement for those covered by the old faculty retirement plan. Zuzana Nagy will serve as co-chair next year, with another committee member not yet selected.

Communication and Orientation -- Jackie Dean reported that the Committee has adjourned for the summer. At their final meeting of the year, they discussed discontinuing the new orientation lunches, and replacing them with something less formal. Barbara Graham suggested that new librarians could be paired with a member of the Committee to attend Librariansí Lunch. Jackie will contact Peter Kosewski about making resources for new librarians more accessible on the HUL website, in particular, adding a description of the University Libraryís structure.

Professional Development -- Alix Reiskind reported that the Committee invited Renata Kalnins and Pat Tully to its last meeting to discuss a mentoring program. The two committees plan to submit a proposal to the LAEC in late fall and begin testing it in January. Laureen Esser from Lamont will co-chair with Alix.

Rights and Responsibilities Review -- The Committee will be constituted in late June and begin meeting in late summer.


Nominations Committee -- Gloria Korsman reported that the Nominations Committee received 107 ballots from the 580 ballot mailing. They will be counted on July 7th.

Committee Volunteers -- The LAEC reviewed the volunteer forms and appointed members to committees as needed. Rachel will notify chairs and volunteers of assignments in July.


Next Meeting -- The next meeting is scheduled for July 16th, 3:30-5:00 in Houghton.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Hedberg
July 3, 2003