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Minutes of the Executive Committee

March 7, 2003

Present: Ethel Hellman, Rachel Howarth, Gloria Korsman, Kathy Rutter, Jan Voogd

Absent: Michael Hopper, Ellen Shea, Jane Hedberg, Alix Reiskind, Manda Mahoney

Member at large vacancy -- The committee discussed filling the Member at Large vacancy. Rachel will contact a candidate suggested by the committee to possibly fill the spot.


Benefits - Kathy Rutter reported that the committee received several responses to their email inquiry about a program on the 1973 retirement plan, and they will work on creating another group meeting with Paul Zizzo. The Benefits committee has also discussed a future project to examine the role benefits play in librarian position vacancies. There was discussion about benefits such as tuition reimbursement for employees' children and subsidized housing that would attract potential librarians to Harvard.

Communications and Orientation - Jackie Dean reported that invitations have been sent out for this year's round of New Librarian lunches. The committee is working to set a date for the Spring New Librarian's reception. Jackie reported on her visit to the Professional Development committee concerning the possibility of co-sponsoring future programs, specifically a mentor/mentee program and the group discussed options for this and other programs. Com Com will continue its discussion on new orientation programs in light of the input from the LAEC.

Professional Development - Rachel reported on the minutes, provided by Alix Reiskind, of the last Professional Development committee meeting in which Jackie as a representative of Com Com and the Professional Development committee discussed co-sponsoring programs such as a new librarians web site, list serv, mentoring programs, and brown bag lunches. The committee has a spring program scheduled for April 9 featuring Michael Rocke, the Nicky Mariano Librarian of the Biblioteca Berenson. Additionally, the Brown Bag lunch for the Bryant Fellowship was a success and the jury is currently making a decision on this year's award.

Rights and Responsibilities Review Committee - Jan Voogd distributed the Final Report to the LAEC Regarding the Rights and Responsibilities. The LAEC will read over the document and discuss any comments or questions at the April meeting. Then the Review Committee will disband.


Spring Assembly - The program has been planned. Rachel will speak first, followed by Provost Hyman, then Sid Verba will give the State of the Library address. The panel will be moderated by Dan Hazen with Adras Riedlmayer speaking on Bosnia, Ray Lumm speaking on South East Asia, and Michael Hopper on the Middle East. The program will take place in Harvard Hall, on May 8th, 3-5 PM. Rachel will send an announcement to HULINFO this month.

Nominating Committee - Gloria Korsman is in the process of recruiting volunteers for this committee and will send an announcement about the member elections to HULINFO.

Website - Gloria reported that she has had a series of meeting with Peter Kosewski and John Whitney about the web space. They suggested we remove the clickable links from the LAEC space because these encourage spam and the group agreed. John will assist Gloria with some graphics for the site.


The group created a short description of the Librarians' Assembly for the Harvard University Library Committees web page. Rachel will email the description to Gloria for inclusion on the site.

Next meeting: April 11th, 3-5PM, location pending.