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Minutes of the Executive Committee

October 21, 2003

Present: Karen Bailey (Co-Chair), Oliver Cutshaw, Laureen Esser, Jane Hedberg, Rachel Howarth (Co-Chair), Gloria Korsman (Vice-Chair), Connie Mayer, Zuzana Nagy, Sarah Phillips, Alix Reiskind, and Tim Strawn, Pat Tully.

Absent: Charlie Fineman, Renata Kalnins.


Benefits -- Zuzana reported the program for staff covered by the pre-1973 retirement plan was a great success. Six staff attended. A second program about less well-known benefits will be postponed to 2004 due to the Aleph 16 upgrade in December 2003. Discussion followed about a >potential program on benefits for working parents. Karen suggested the Benefits Committee post benefit information on its website. Zuzana will compile benefits handouts as a basis for creating an on-line benefits resource.

Communications and Orientation -- The budgets for New Librarian Lunches and Spring Reception have been reduced. New librarians may attend the Librarians' Luncheon at the Faculty Club. The number of seats available is yet to be determined. Members of LAEC who already attend the luncheon will escort the new librarians and introduce them to colleagues. Jane agreed to help host new members at the lunches. Sarah will work with Wadsworth House to get monthly lists of new librarians. Also, to replace the Spring Reception, Sarah will suggest a more modest Spring Tea for new librarians.

Sarah announced plans to launch a series of social lunches for librarians of any length of service. The lunches will likely be held at Dudley House. Participants may purchase their own lunch at Dudley House, or bring lunch.

Professional Development -- Laureen and Alix reported a successful program at the Arborteum was held on October 17th. Twenty-five attendees toured the horticultural library, including its archives, curation department, and the Arboteum's new shrub and vine garden. Plans are underway for a program on digital projects. The program will serve as a general overview of how digital projects work.

The closing date for Bryant Fellowship applications is February 20, 2004. Plans are underway for an informational brown bag on the Bryant Fellowship.

A subcommittee on mentoring, composed of members of the Rights and Responsibilities, Communication and Orientation, and Professional Development committees, will assemble to create a mentoring program for new librarians. The first meeting is November 4, 2003. If the mentoring program will also serve library assistants who are studying library science, then Gloria suggested communication with HUCTW.

Rights and Responsibilities -- Pat reported that, starting in the spring, the committee will host brown bag lunches on ethical issues in librarianship. They would also like to begin updating the "Handbook for Librarians & Professional and Administrative Staff in the Harvard University Library," submitting changes to Wadsworth House for review. The LAEC agreed this was a good idea but that we would need to discuss with HUL the best way to proceed. The Rights and Responsibilities committee is also working on ideas for revising their website to include lots of links to relevant resources. The committee also suggested a campus-wide user survey to find out what needs users have in common. Rachel pointed out that while LA could certainly provide input about the need for this kind of survey, and volunteer to help, it might best be managed from within the HUL administration.


Fall Assembly Program -- Plans are well underway for a panel on "librarians serving teaching and research". Karen and Rachel will meet with the panelists on October 27th. Sid Verba will speak on the state of the library, addressing fiscal matters. Jane will coordinate a date and place on an afternoon the first half of December.

LAEC Archives -- The chairs of the Benefits and Rights and Responsibilities committees submitted archives to Rachel.


Meetings with Sid and Barbara -- The LAEC enthusiastically accepted the invitation of Sid Verba and Barbara Graham to meet with them on a periodical basis. We will aim to find a date in November.

Meetings with the ULC -- Rachel and Karen will request a brief meeting with the ULC sometime within the next 6 months.

The meeting adjourned at 12:15. The next meeting date, perhaps at Wadsworth House in November, will be arranged shortly.

Respectfully submitted,
Gloria Korsman