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Minutes of the Executive Committee

January 22, 2004

Present: Karen Bailey (Co-Chair), Oliver Cutshaw, Laureen Esser, Jane Hedberg, Rachel Howarth (Co-Chair), Renata Kalnins, Gloria Korsman (Vice-Chair), Connie Mayer, Sarah Phillips, Zuzana Nagy, Alix Reiskind, Tim Strawn, Pat Tully.

Absent: Charlie Fineman


Benefits -- Oliver reported on plans for future programs. "Adoption" is a likely topic. A list of "minor benefits" will be assembled as a webpage, rather than as a live program.

Communications and Orientation -- Sarah announced that Charlie will reschedule the first in a series of informal brown bag lunches for librarians. The Spring Tea to welcome new librarians will take place on May 12, 2004, 3-5 p.m. at the Faculty Club. Librarians' Luncheons will resume in February. The secretary at Wadsworth House gives ComCom a list of new professional library staff prior to each luncheon. A ComCom representative then calls each invitee personnally. So far, Sarah reports, the ratio of new librarians to lunch openings is manageable. ComCom is reviewing their charge.

Professional Development -- A program entitled "Introduction to Library Digital Projects" will be offered on Friday, February 6th, announced Alix. The program will take a broad approach to the topic. Tours of the Digital Imaging Group will follow. So far, the committee has received 35 to 40 reservations. A brown bag lunch to discuss the Bryant Fellowship on January 16th was well attended. Past recipients presented their projects to the group. Professional Development is planning a spring program, perhaps a repository tour. The committee also discussed mentoring at its last meeting.

Rights and Responsibilities -- Renata reported on an upcoming ethics program focusing on library systems and patron privacy, details to be

announced. R&R continues to review the online handbook, and may replace it with a links page to content elsewhere on the Harvard web. A mentoring pilot project proposal is forthcoming. The proposal will include a survey asking what librarians at Harvard expect from a mentoring program.


Website -- Gloria and Connie met in December. Connie will now assume responsibility for the LAEC web. She will request a meeting with Peter at Wadsworth House to review her ideas for a redesign and then present a mock up version of the new LAEC web for our next meeting. In the meantime, Gloria will update the top page of the existing website. Rachel and Karen then commented on the need for a webmaster position on the LAEC. To create a webmaster role, bylaw changes are required.


Annual Reports -- Current committee chairs need to compose reports now, so they may be "delivered" in the fall by the new chairs. "Delivery" might mean web posting or paper distribution at the Fall Assembly. Reports should be brief (one page). The content of the reports is outlined in the LAEC manual.

Elections -- Tim Strawn was appointed Chair of the Nominations Committee, according to the election procedures outlined in the LAEC manual.

Spring Assembly -- Oliver queried his co-workers who requested a "view from the top" program. They are interested in broad administrative views of HUL, especially human resource trends, budget strategies, and preservation issues. What are some future goals of HUL? A panel of high level administrators was suggested; as was an address by Larry Summers.

Discussion then focused on the changing physical landscape of the HUL. Some notable sites: NEDL, Hilles, Baker, Schlesinger, and Widener. A recent caption in American Libraries about the dismantling of the Widener bridge was noted, as were the resources at the Harvard Planning and Real Estate library. The unforeseen implications of moving technical services to Central Square were briefly discussed.

HUL's relationships with other libraries/institutions were also discussed (e.g. Slavic cooperative cataloguing, NERL, ARL, STC, JSTOR).

The meeting adjourned at 12:10.

Respectfully submitted,
Gloria Korsman