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Minutes of the Executive Committee

July 21, 2004

Present: Karen Bailey (Co-Chair), Oliver Cutshaw, Jane Hedberg, Rachel Howarth (Co-Chair), Renata Kalnins, Gloria Korsman (Vice Chair) Constance Mayer, Zuzana Nagy, Alix Reiskind.

Absent: Laureen Esser, Charlie Fineman, Sarah Phillips, Tim Strawn, Pat Tully.


Benefits -- As more benefits information becomes available online, Oliver reported, future programs may include more informal gatherings to discuss and deliberate individual benefits choices; rather than large-scale, informational forums. Jane Hedberg, as member of the Executive Committee, will attend Benefits Committee meetings next year. She will help facilitate Benefits Committee program planning.

Rights & Responsibilities -- Renata presented a draft web document of links to resources on professional ethics, core compentencies, intellectual freedom and professional development/status. The resources include Harvard resources, and resources from library-related professional organizations. The Executive Committee commended the document and recommended no content changes. Connie, the LAEC webmaster, will post the links page on the LAEC web. Renata will publicize the links page.

Communications & Orientation -- No report.

Professional Development -- Alix reported on plans for a Harvard Depository Tour on October 5, 2004. Tours of the Weissman Preservation Center, both old and new locations, will follow.

Next year, Professional Development will focus on creating programs on cutting-edge topics typically presented at professional conferences, since conference funds have been reduced in many Harvard Libraries. With the help of sub-committee member Amira Aaron, plans are underway for a program on CrossRef, an application of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) System. Also under consideration is a program on how to be involved in professional organizations without extensive travel. The LAEC suggested recruiting Harvard librarians who are officers of national or international professional associations to speak about their work. It was also announced that the upcoming midwinter conference of the American Library Association will take place in Boston.


Mentoring -- Karen and Rachel acknowledged receipt of a the adhoc mentoring subcommittee's report of its recent activities. A discussion followed on the future of the adhoc mentoring subcommittee. The Executive Committee decided to charge the group to begin designing and developing a mentoring program for library professionals at Harvard. The committee's term will be for the academic year 2005-2006 and consist of current sub-committee members.

Patron Privacy Program -- The Rights and Responsibilities committee continues to seek a speaker for its proposed program patron privacy in library systems. The LAEC deliberated whether to make patron privacy the topic of the Fall Assembly, but without a clear sense of who might speak on the issue, no decision could be made. Jane suggested brown bag lunches to discuss case studies on patron privacy to replace or to complement a large program/assembly.


Executive Committee election results -- Assembly members elected Alix Reiskind and Donna Koepp to serve as Members-at-Large on the Executive Committee for 2004-2007.

Sub-committee volunteer results -- The new sub-committee volunteers are: Alicja Altenberger (Prof. Dev.), Craig Thomas (Prof. Dev.), Steven Marley (Benefits), Billy Kwan (Benefits), Jennifer Lyons (Benefits), Jennifer Jacobsen (ComCom), Jason Pannone (ComCom), June Rutkowski (ComCom), Kim Dulin (R&R), and Erin Wise (R&R).

Election of LAEC chair and vice-chair -- Gloria Korsman was elected Chair of the LAEC for the 2004-05 academic year. Connie Mayer was elected Vice Chair of the LAEC for the 2004-05 academic year.

Annual reports and archives -- All sub-committee chairs are required to write an Annual Report for 2003-04, and then submit the reports to Gloria, along with archives.

Respectfully submitted,
Gloria Korsman