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Minutes of the Executive Committee

June 16, 2004

Present: Karen Bailey (Co-Chair), Oliver Cutshaw, Laureen Esser, Charlie Fineman, Jane Hedberg, Renata Kalnins, Gloria Korsman (Vice-Chair), Connie Mayer, Sarah Phillips, Aliz Reiskind, Tim Strawn, Pat Tully.

Also present: Barbara Graham, Sid Verba.

Absent: Rachel Howarth (Co-Chair), Zuzana Nagy


Mentoring -- Pat summarized the Mentoring Subcommittee's plans to develop a mentoring program for new librarians at Harvard. Sid informed the LAEC of a mentoring program under development by Human Resources department of the Harvard College Library. He suggested the Mentoring Subcommittee put both plans side-by-side in order to think about product differentiation. He also suggested informal focus groups to discover what kind of mentorship program librarians seek.

Fall Program -- The LAEC discussed a program proposal on "Patron Privacy" from the Rights and Responsibilities Committee. Though the program was proposed as a small event, the LAEC, Sid, and Barbara see Fall Program potential. Barbara agreed to speak with potential speakers. Other program ideas: institutional respositories for(i.e., D-Space), Harvard and the ARL Global Resources Program, newsworthy achievements of Harvard libraries, and collection development and preservation of digital resources.

Respectfully submitted,
Gloria Korsman