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Minutes of the Executive Committee

March 4, 2004

Minutes of the Executive Committee

March 4, 2004

Present: Present: Karen Bailey (Co-Chair), Laureen Esser, Charlie Fineman, Jane Hedberg, Rachel Howarth (Co-Chair), Gloria Korsman (Vice-Chair), Connie Mayer, Zuzana Nagy, Alix Reiskind, Tim Strawn, Pat Tully.

Absent: Oliver Cutshaw, Renata Kalnins, Sarah Phillips


Benefits -- A program on less well-known benefits will take place this spring, reported Zuzana. Another program with Devin Ryder on "career development at Harvard" will follow in the late spring or early fall. The committee is rethinking its plan to describe staff benefits online, so as not to duplicate information available on HarvIE, a new Harvard-wide staff intranet.

Communications and Orientation -- Charlie reported the informal lunch on February 26th drew 32 participants from throughout the Harvard University Library. Sarah provided homemade desserts. Conversation was rich and lively. Assembly members mixed naturally, without a formal program. Karen announced Wadsworth House approved the informal lunch for 4 more times (monthly) this fiscal year and 8 times (based on the number of Librarian's Lunches) for the upcoming fiscal year.

Charlie distributed draft revision of the committee charge. Discussion followed about the ramifications of removing "Additionally, the committee has been charged with distributing to the Librarians' Assembly information regarding Robert's Rules of Order." Karen suggested this duty should fall to the Executive Committee.

Communications and Orientation also proposed to cut the phrase "encourage the exchange of information between the University and the greater Harvard community." The sense of the meeting was to table further discussion until the Executive Committee has studied how the proposed deletions would relate to the work and mission of the whole Assembly.

Professional Development -- Laureen reported the successful "Introduction to Library Digital Projects" Program drew 50 attendees who enjoyed a rare tour of the Digital Imaging Facility. A tour of the Countway Library will take place on April 23rd. The Committee plans a fall program on iCommons. Three Bryant Fellowship applications were forwarded to Sid Verba for approval.

Rights and Responsibilities -- The committee, reported Pat, is gathering links (such as codes of ethics) for its website. Later this spring, they will deliver to the Executive Committee a proposal to revise the Handbook for Librarians & Professional and Administrative Staff in the Harvard University Library. A brown bag lunch on ethics, organized by Elizabeth McKeigue and Patty Hatch, is forthcoming.


Spring Program -- A program on "Building Change" will take place on March 20th, 3-4:30 p.m., in the Sperry Room at Harvard Divinity School. Sid Verba's "State of the Library" address will preceed the program.

Nominating Committee -- Tim Strawn has 2 volunteers from HCL, and is seeking a 3rd volunteer from outside HCL.

Web -- Connie Mayer reported her progress with the website redesign is behind schedule due to other work demands. She continues to post meeting minutes under the old format.

Mentoring -- This topic was tabled in order for the Executive Committee to study a new prosposal developed by the mentoring subcommittee.


Program suggestions -- The LAEC discussed program suggestions received from Assembly members. Karen and Rachel will pursue a follow up discussion with Sid Verba and Barbara Graham.

Next meeting -- The LAEC seeks to meet with Sid Verba and Barbara Graham. The date and time of the next LAEC meeting will be announced.

Respectfully submitted,

Gloria Korsman