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Minutes of the Executive Committee

November 18, 2004

Elected Members Present: Gloria Korsman, Constance Mayer, Jane Hedberg, Alix Reiskind, Tim Strawn.

Committee Chairs Present: Oliver Cutshaw and Dana Mastroianni for Benefits, Sarah Phillips and Carrie Haverman for Communications and Orientation, Amy Boucher for Ad-Hoc Joint Committee on Mentoring.

Absent: Donna Koepp, Alicija Altenberger, Laureen Esser, Renata Kalnins.


Rights and Responsibilities

Written report submitted. The LAEC discussed the nature of the January 20th program about Patron Privacy and Ethics, agreeing that a program is more appropriate than a brown bag lunch. It also liked the idea of a program about disability issues.

Communications and Orientation

The Informal Librarians’ Lunch was moved to Friday, November 19th, to reduce a potential conflict with the formal Librarians’ Lunch on November 17th. At the next Committee meeting they will decide when to schedule future informal lunches. Two new employees attended the November 17th formal Librarians’ Lunch and appeared to enjoy it greatly. The Committee is considering several tours for spring.


The Committee is weighing three possible programs, one involving a tour of the Malkin Athletic Facility, another about retirement benefits, and a third about benefits available to working parents. The LAEC was enthusiastic about a tour of the MAC and benefits for working parents.

Professional Development

The Committee hosted a successful tour of the Weissman Preservation Center for 30 people on November 17th. They are planning a program about mentoring in a library environment for February 2005.

Ad-Hoc Joint Sub-Committee on Mentoring

The LAEC discussed the Sub-Committee’s proposal for a pilot project. Although mentoring is viewed as a beneficial activity, there was no consensus about the type of pilot or how to move forward.


Fall Program

The Fall Program about instructional technology will take place on December 9th in Askwith Hall at the Graduate School of Education. The LAEC discussed possible titles and Alix Reiskind suggested iSites and Sounds.

Action: Gloria Korsman will announce the Assembly Program using the customary methods.

Knowledge Management

Proposal temporarily tabled for lack of discussion time. It was suggested that financial transaction information and drafts of especially effective program announcements be included.


Wadsworth House Committee Survey

The LAEC reviewed Gloria Korsman’s draft response to the survey.

Action: Gloria Korsman will submit the survey response as soon as possible.

Limited Enrollment Programs

The LAEC discussed equal access to programs.

Action: : Committees that sponsor programs with limited enrollment will accept registrations for an appropriate amount of time and subsequently hold a drawing to determine which registrants will attend. The intention is for every registrant to have an equal chance.

LAEC Election

Tim Strawn questioned whether it would be possible to move the LAEC election earlier and/or utilize an electronic ballot.

Next meeting: January 13, 2005 at Cabot Library

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Hedberg