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Minutes of the Executive Committee

October 21, 2004

Elected Members Present: Gloria Korsman, Constance Mayer, Jane Hedberg, Alix Reiskind, Tim Strawn.

Committee Chairs Present: Oliver Cutshaw and Dana Mastroianni for Benefits, Sarah Phillips and Carrie Haverman for Communications and Orientation, Laureen Esser for Professional Development.

Absent: Donna Koepp, Alicija Altenberger, Renata Kalnins, Amy Boucher



The committee has 3 new members and a new sense of purpose. At their last meeting they discussed Harvie and how it affects the committee’s outreach programs. They are considering three possible programs, one about retirement benefits to which staff members could bring a spouse or partner, another about health benefits of athletic facilities that might involve a tour, and a third to be done in conjunction with one of the other LA committees. Dana Mastroianni is the new co-chair. The committee’s will hold its meetings in a new location each month, to increase members’ exposure to other libraries.

Action: Gloria Korsman reported to the Benefits chairs a concern that surfaced during the Informal Librarians’ Lunch. How confidential is the information that one submits in response to Wellness Corporation’s online questionnaires?

Action: Alix Reiskind suggested a join t program with Communications and Orientation about how to use Harvie; perhaps in an online classroom so participants could practice.

Communications and Orientation

Nine people attended the Informal Librarians’ Lunch on October 21st.

Action: The LAEC recommended moving it from the third Thursday of the month, because it is too close to the formal Librarians’ Lunch on the third Wednesday. Sarah will check with Dana Hanify and Peter Kosewski.

Jason Panone hosted two new librarians at the formal Librarians’ Lunch on October 20. The committee is considering several new tours, one about architecture at Harvard and another about the Harvard murder.

Action: The LAEC encouraged C&O to develop more social activities, because a recent HCL survey showed staff members desire more opportunities for such interaction.

Professional Development

Prof. Dev. will host a tour of the Weissman Preservation Center on November 17th. The program about Crossroads on October 20th was a success, but only twenty people attended. The HD tour went very well, with a full roster of participants, plus others turned away. The LAEC discussed various methods for ensuring fair participant selection when there isn’t enough room in a program to meet the need. Suggestions included announcing a program several days before opening registration, running a drawing to select participants, and offering a program multiple times. The LAEC was very uncomfortable with developing criteria, such as library or job responsibilities, for picking participants.

Action: This issue was tabled until the next meeting.

Rights and Responsibilities

Written report submitted.

Ad-Hoc Joint Sub-Committee on Mentoring

Written proposal submitted.

Action: Proposal tabled until next meeting.


Fall and Spring Programs

Gloria Korsman and Constance Mayer presented three possible program topics to HUL Administration: instructional technology, hidden collections and Harvard Librarians activities out in the world. The one selected for the fall program is instructional technology. December 7th and 9th are the best potential dates.

Action: Gloria Korsman will determine the date.

Action: Jane Hedberg will negotiate with the Gutman Conference Center for the venue.


Constance Mayer presented an overview of the LA website.

Action: In advance of a web redesign, she will link to the HUL calendar, collate minutes by year, remove any links to individuals and arrange for all email to go to the LAEC chair.


Knowledge Management

Alix Reiskind presented a recommendation that LAEC and the committees develop plan to document information about the activities, procedures and budget of the organization. This could insure continuity of important functions as the membership changes.

Action: Proposal will receive further discussion.

Next meeting: November 18th at 625 Mass. Ave.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Hedberg