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Minutes of the Executive Committee

April 14, 2005

Elected Members Present: Gloria Korsman, Donna Koepp, Constance Mayer, Alix Reiskind, Jane Hedberg.
Committee Chairs Present: Oliver Cutshaw for Benefits, Sarah Phillips for Communication and Orientation, Craig Thomas for Professional Development.
Absent: Amy Boucher, Laureen Esser, Carrie Haverman, Renata Kalnins, Dana Mastroianni, Tim Strawn.

Committee Reports

The Committee is planning a program about benefits that support families on June 15th at 3 PM. Annette Demers will secure a room at the Law School, which should hold fifty people, plus have internet access and overhead projection. Tom Ma has arranged for Jean Shady to discuss benefits relating to adoption, and Jennifer Lyons will arrange for someone to speak about Harvard daycare.
Steve Marley will research a list of benefits for those employees who have been at Harvard for some time, who might need a reminder or who may not realize their benefits have changed since their hiring.

Communications and Orientation
Excerpts from Sarah Phillip’s written report:
“Ice Cream Social—
This will be Monday, May 23, 3:30-5:00. Carrie Haverman stepped forward to the point person, although it will be a group effort to come. We will greet people at the door have them fill out raffle slips for the door prizes, but the Faculty Club will serve.
Formal Librarians’ Luncheon—
April 20: Jennifer J. & Sarah
May 18: June & Carrie
Informal Lunch—
March 11—well-attended and enjoyable.
April 8—Sarah & Michael
May 13—Sarah & Jason
Tree Tour—being booked
Murder at Harvard—will probably be in October
Sports History—we are working towards a lecture, possibly in the stadium area, in the Fall.
Architecture—some interest in continuing to develop a tour of architectural history at Harvard was expressed. We are also pursuing a social history of Harvard.”
Action: Check with Extension School to see if there is a faculty member who can lead an architecture tour. If none is available, abandon project.

Professional Development
From Craig Thomas’s written report:
“The Committee has invited Paul Bergen from ICG to speak on instructional technology developed at Harvard, including ICG/iCommons and Instructors’ Toolkit. We have scheduled him to speak Wednesday, May 4, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in the Lamont Forum Room pending approval by the LAEC. Attached to this report is the draft of the HULINFO message that should be sent out as soon as possible.
The Committee sent letters to the winners of this year’s Fellowship and to Wadsworth House on March 8. The official announcements of the winners and the date of the Fellowship Luncheon should be announced shortly.
Barbara Tillett from the Library of Congress will speak about the IFLA Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) on Thursday, May 26, from 2-4, at the Gutman Conference Center.
The terms of the majority of current members will expire at the end of this academic year. The PDC will be soliciting new members to serve.”
Action: Announcement about Instructional Technology Program should be forwarded to Peter Kosewski for approval, and distributed as soon as possible thereafter.

Action: Professional Development would like to have an information sheet describing the LA for distribution to new employees. Task forwarded to the Communication & Orientation Committee for development.

Rights and Responsibilities
From Renata Kalnins’ written report:
“The Rights and Responsibilities Committee has met once since the last Executive Meeting on March 15, 2005.
The status of the Committee’s previously initiated programs is reported below:

The Committee is considering additional projects and requests comment from the Executive Committee before taking further action:

Action: The LAEC also approved development of some presentations as brown bag lunches or written documents.

Ad-Hoc Joint Sub-Committee on Mentoring
No written report:
Action: The LAEC voted unanimously to accept the AHJCM request to disband. Gloria Korsman will write a thank you note to each member expressing appreciation for their two years of hard work.

Action: The sub-committee entry on the web site will be removed.

Action: Gloria Korsman will request the sub-committee’s paper records for the LA Archives.

Old Business

Knowledge Management
Alix Reiskind and Jane Hedberg submitted three draft documents: components of a KM program for the LA, duties and responsibilities of members-at-large, duties and responsibilities of committee chairs.
Action: LAEC members will read and submit comments to Alix or Jane.

Nominating Committee
Donna Koepp and Alix Rieskind have formed a nominating committee with Beata Panagopoulos and Leena Siegelbaum. They have already identified two candidates for member-at-large and one for committee membership. Everyone is encouraged to identify volunteers to run for office. The deadline is April 27th.
Action: The Nominating Committee will develop a full slate.

Connie Mayer has posted all the minutes she has received to-date.
Action: Connie will work with committee chairs, especially Professional Development, to update the information on web site.

Spring Assembly
The Spring Assembly will be held on May 10th from 10:30-12 noon in the Lamont Forum Room. It will feature Sid Verba giving the State of the Library address and an overview of Harvard’s participation in training Iraqi librarians, and Jeff Spurr speaking about library reconstruction in Bosnia and Iraq. The LAEC discussed possible titles, but came to no decision.
Action: LAEC members should review Jeff Spurr’s paper to refine possible program titles and submit a preferred title to Gloria Korsman.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Hedberg, April 25, 2005