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Minutes of the Executive Committee

Librarians’ Assembly
Executive Committee

Meeting, April 13, 2006


Elected Members Present: Alix Reiskind (chair), Karen Carlson Young, Jane Hedberg (recording secretary).
Committee Chairs Present: Jennifer Lyons for Benefits, Jason Pannone and Jen Jacobsen for Communications and Orientation, Ann Robinson for Professional Development.
Absent:  Donna Koepp, Amira Aaron, Brad Schaffner, Patti Hatch, Elizabeth McKeigue.

Review of Action Items from Last Meeting

Alix Reiskind contacted Peter Del Tredici about doing another tree tour of the Old Yard.
Jason can no longer do web development for the LAEC. Perhaps one of the new members-at-large or committee chairs can take on this task.
Alix will get permission for the proposed Rights and Responsibilities program.

Committee Action Items

Benefits Committee
Benefits held the Brown Bag Lunch about long-term health care insurance on April 5th.  There we 38 attendees and the responses on the evaluation forms were generally positive.  They recorded the program and the tape will be available at the University Archives.
Benefits is planning an informal poll of possible program topics to determine levels of interest and attendees preferences for times and formats.

Communications and Orientation Committee
Communications and Orientation will host a small group of recent hires to the Librarians’ Lunch on April 19th.
The informal librarians’ lunch on March 29th went well, with about 15 people participating.  Wadsworth House is deemed a good location.
C&O is planning the Baker Tour with Kathy Moody for late September or October.
C&O is planning one tree tour with Peter del Tredici for 30 people on June 13th at noon.  The Dale Flecker lecture is planned for June 14th, so C&O should consider whether this presents a conflict.
The Ice Cream Social is scheduled for May 31st at the Faculty Club.

Professional Development Committee
Dale Flecker’s presentation about book digitization will be co-sponsored by HUL.
The speaker for April 10th brown bag lunch, Diane Rappaport, had to cancel for personal reasons.  Malcolm Hamilton, the HURA representative working on this program, will try to reschedule with her later this year.
Ines Zalduendo suggested that the PDC host brown bag lunches where Bryant award winners could report on the results of their research.
Action:  Kathy Rutter will submit the Dale Flecker presentation announcement to Peter Kosewski for approval.
Action:  PDC will consider the possibility of brown bag lunches about Bryant award winners’ research.

Rights and Responsibilities Committee
The Rights and Responsibilities Committee did not send a representative or a report to this meeting.  Those LAEC members who attended “An Overview of Harvard’s Slavic Collection” on March 31st reported that about 45 people were there.  Leena Sieglebaum was unable to speak, but the other panelists filled in.
R&R is planning a program about records retention for Harvard libraries and archives for late May or early June.
Action:  Alix Reiskind will follow-up with R&R co-chairs on pending issues.

Nominating Committee
Karen Carlson Young, Ruth Haas and Jane Hedberg met on March 23rd.  The request for member-at-large candidates went out once and will go out a second time before the April 17th deadline.
Action:  Jane Hedberg will send out the request for candidates a second time.
Action:  All members of LAEC should forward names of suitable candidates to a member of the Nominating Committee.

Spring Assembly
Picturing Prayer, a Freshman Seminar led by Geoffrey Hamburger, was not a viable topic, because Geoffrey Hamburger will be out of the country on May 10th.  Alix Reiskind found another kind of library collaboration in the Ben Franklin exhibit mounted by Houghton Library and Historic Scientific Instruments.  Tom Horrocks of Houghton, Sarah Schechner of HIS and Joyce Chaplin, professor of history, will speak about their roles in making this exhibit happen.  Alix Reiskind will hold a speaker meeting on April 26th.
Action:  Donna Koepp will arrange to record the program.

Vice-Chair for FY07
The next Vice-Chair, who will take office on September 1st, will have to be Amira Aaron, Karen Carlson Young, or one of the newly elected members-at-large.

Annual Reports
Annual reports are due in July.
Action:  Alix Reiskind will get copies of last year’s reports from Gloria Korsman.
Action:  Alix Reiskind will acknowledge all committees’ members contributions at the Spring Assembly.

Next Meeting
The May meeting of the LAEC was to have been held on May 11, 2006.  It is cancelled (replaced by the Spring Assembly).  The next meeting will be in June at a time to be determined later.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Hedberg, June 2, 2006