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Minutes of the Executive Committee

Librarians' Assembly
Executive Committee

Meeting, April 12

Elected Members Present: Donna Koepp (Chair), Karen Carlson Young (Co-Vice-Chair and minutes), Alix Reiskind, Kristin Stoklosa (Secretary), Craig Thomas
Committee Chairs Present: Jennifer Lyons and Kevin Lau, Benefits, Jenn Jacobsen and Jason Pannone, Communications and Orientation, Erin Wise and Melanie Wisner, Rights and Responsibilities

Approval of Minutes: The Committee approved the minutes from the meeting of March 8, 2007 with one revision. 

Committee Reports
Benefits Committee
Membership.  Jen Lyons introduced Kevin Lau as the new co-chair of the Benefits Committee.  Deb Morley is stepping down as co-chair of BenCom to the regret of the Committee who expresses appreciation for her work in their April report. 
Program.  The Committee’s program “What Harvard’s Office of Work/Life Resources Can Do for You” was held on March 8 in the Lamont Forum Room, with an attendance of approximately 25 and with very positive feedback forms. 
The next BenCom meeting is April 16.

Communications and Orientation Committee                                                       
Com Com met on April 10
Formal Luncheon.  The lunch on March 21 had one attendee, out of 2 invited.  The Committee set the final formal lunch for the academic year for May 16.
Memorial Hall Tour.  The tour on April 4 for two groups was successful.  One wait list person showed up without an invitation, highlighting the need to hold to tighter attendance.  It would be good to repeat the tour in the fall.
Ice Cream Social.  This is reserved for June 13 at the Faculty Club Theater Room from 3:30-5:00.  Sid Verba will attend if his schedule permits. 
Brown Bag.  Com Com has endorsed Ann Robinson’s idea of sponsoring a brown bag on HD with Tom Schneiter as guest speaker but will hold off planning until fall 2007.  
Baker Tour.  LAEC briefly discussed the original idea floated by Com Com, of having a tour of Baker after its re-opening.  At the time, attempts were made to organize this but the Baker contact did not follow-through.  This is not being pursued at this time. 
The next Com Com meeting is May 1.                                                      

Professional Development Committee
Bryant Fellowship.  The jury awarded the Fellowship to one of two applicants, Marilyn Morgan at Schlesinger.  An announcement will be sent to Library Notes, and the PDC will ask Wadsworth House about inviting PDC members to the luncheon in May.
Program Ideas for Next Year.  The committee listed several possible program ideas in their minutes:
* e-books and the publishing industry – perhaps someone from Harvard University Press and Sid Berger formerly from Simmons and now at the Peabody-Essex.
* the use of gaming technology in library instruction
* bridging the technology gap – new technologies
* Google tools & services (beyond Scholar and Book)
* e-Research and LibX
* international opportunities
* tours – HD, the Archives, Weissman Preservation, Houghton, Baker
The next PDC meeting is April 24.
Rights and Responsibilities Committee 
Records Management Program.  The program took place on March 22  in the Lamont Forum Room.  Attendance was moderate (15-22 people) but well-received. 
Scholarly Communication Program.  The presentation on April 11 was given by Susan Rogers, due to a conflict in Dan Moriarty’s schedule.  Melanie provided the introduction as one of the chairs of the co-sponsoring committee.
Archives/Special Collections Program.  A subcommittee has been formed for program planning.  They hope that the first program can be conducted in early June and have narrowed it down to a panel of 3 participants. 
Hilles Program.  The program is now planned for October.  Heather Cole has received good feedback from Schlesinger about participating.  The program will have 3 parts: 1) origins of Hilles, 2) the design of the disposition project, 3) impact the collection has had in China
The next R & R meeting is April 23.

New Business
Nominating Committee Report
Craig Thomas as the Committee chair reported that they sent a request for nominations to hulinfo on 3/13 and a reminder on 4/4, and they now have five nominees.  In response to the initial hulinfo message, the Committee received two direct responses from potential nominees; in response to the reminder message, they received two nominations by one individual and accepted one.  They also made four direct solicitations after the 2nd hulinfo message to round out the nominees with people from outside HCL.  The resulting five nominees are:  Doug Campbell, HCL Tech Services; Kim Dulin, Law Library; Jason Pannone, Robbins Library; Martin Schreiner, Lamont Library; Erin Wise, Baker Library. 
The Committee is receiving statements of purpose from the nominees and have notified the candidates that they may speak at the Spring Assembly if they so choose.  The Committee will prepare the ballot in May and with LAEC’s permission will formally contact the candidates to inform them that they are official nominees. 

Positions Needed for Committees Next Year

The co-chairs reviewed the following anticipated vacancies needing filling for next year:
Benefits:  definitely 2, possibly 3
Communications and Orientation: 3 people are leaving, and they are down 2 already
Professional Development: 3 or 4 people are needed
Rights & Responsibilities: 3 people are leaving

The Committees will start to identify new members in September after the LAEC election.  A paper form soliciting members will be sent with the Nominating Committee ballot. 

They will write thank you notes to departing members after the end of May.


Old Business

Response to Alix’s letter on Committee structure

Sid Verba sent Donna Koepp a letter in response to Alix’s letter describing LAEC’s requests for the Committee’s representation in the ULC Committees page structure.  In the letter, Sid indicated that the recommendations were accepted.  This should result in changes to the ULC page shortly.  LAEC thanked Alix for taking the lead on writing the letter. 

Spring Assembly

Donna updated the group that she will contact Dana shortly regarding the Spring Assembly.  She indicated that Derek Bok might be invited.


New Idea

Alix expressed the idea of LAEC meeting with the new HUL librarian when the person is appointed, either at a regular LAEC meeting or with the co-chairs.


Next LAEC meeting will be Thursday, May 17, 12:00-2:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Kristin Stoklosa
April 26, 2007