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Minutes of the Executive Committee

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Executive Committee

Minutes of the Meeting, Thursday, April 10, 2008, Widener Room G-55, 12 noon-2 p.m.

Elected Members Present: Karen Carlson Young (Chair); Marty Schreiner (Co-Chair); Craig Thomas, (Member-at-Large)

Committee Chairs Present: Reed Lowrie (Com-Com); Michael Bradford, Jennifer Beauregard (PDC); Tim Driscoll (R&R)

Members not Present: Kim Dulin, Kristin Stoklosa, Erin Wise (Members-at-Large); Candy Feldt, Kevin Lau (Ben-Com); Mindy Kent (Com-Com); Liza Vick (R&R)

Approval of Minutes: The Committee approved the minutes from the meeting of March 13, 2008 as received.

Committee Reports:


Wadsworth House is taking care of the parking permit for their speaker on April 28.


Memorial Hall Tour: Everyone who had expressed interest was able to attend the April 2 tour. Due to its success, there will be one next year.

Two new librarians attended the formal librarians’ luncheon in March.

The date for the ice cream social is Wednesday, June 11. Com-Com will ask Robert Darnton if he will attend and say a few words as Sidney Verba used to do.

The next informal lunch takes place on Tuesday, April 29. Three speakers have been selected with a possible fourth speaker.


The Bryant Fellowship winners were officially announced. They are:

                ·Theresa Smith, Paper Conservator, Weissman Preservation Center

                ·Trinie Thai-Parker, Reference Librarian, Harvard Law School

The Bryant lecture takes place Thursday, May 1, 3-4 pm at Lamont with HURA members in attendance.

HD Tours: So far, there has been no feedback from Wadsworth concerning the memorandum Michael had drafted and sent to the ULC, or whether it will make it to the ULC meeting agenda. (See March minutes for background).

The Baker tour is Thursday, May 8, time TBA. The PDC will determine the limit on the number of attendees at the next PDC meeting.

The Web 2.0 and libraries program will probably take place next fall. The PDC is still awaiting word from Enrique Diaz concerning his involvement.


They are in the process of finalizing details on the Katrina program, which takes place Wednesday, April 16, 12-1:30 at Lamont.

Work continues on the Museums/Archives program (the theme being the crossover between the two areas). They are working on finding panelists. Date TBA, but in late June.

The Hilles program will take place next fall.

The Website minutes go as far as 2005.

Action: Contact Erin Wise.

 Ongoing Business:

 Nominating Committee:

There are four possible nominees, three recruits and one volunteer, all having met the criterion for running (being an “officer”). We may need to change this term in the by-laws, since “officer” is no longer officially used.

Action: Marty will find out the correct term to use.

Ballots will be sent out after the Spring Assembly meeting and will be due by June 30.

The Committee will need mailing labels. Karen has the official ballot stamp.

We discussed the question of campaign ballot statements from candidates in need of editing. Decision: We will accept what they submit without correction.

Action: the various LA Sub-Committees will need to determine how many members are cycling off at the end of this academic year.

Spring Librarians’ Assembly:

The Spring Assembly will take place Tuesday May 27 from 2-4 p.m. at Austin Hall, the Law School.

We will need a program title. We need to know more about the speakers’ topics before we can set a title. So far we have received one synopsis from one of the speakers.

Action: Karen will e-mail the other speakers to obtain the synopses.

Action: Karen will send out a general save-the-date e-mail on HULINFO (tomorrow or Monday).

A reminder with the title will be sent out by May 1 and a follow-up reminder sent out shortly before the actual Assembly.

We discussed the idea of having a moderator with prepared question to kick off audience response. Questions and discussion will wait until the end after the speakers have given their talks.

At this point, we do not know if Robert will give a state-of-the-library address.

Action: Karen will e-mail Robert (and cc Barbara Graham) regarding this question.

Rough outline of the Assembly meeting:

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 15, place TBA.

[Meeting later moved to Monday, May 12, 2008, 12-1 p.m., Lamont Room 380]

 Respectfully submitted, Craig Thomas