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Minutes of the Executive Committee

Librarians’ Assembly
Executive Committee

Meeting, August 31, 2006


Elected Members Present: Alix Reiskind (chair), Donna Koepp (vice-chair), Amira Aaron, Brad Schaffner, Karen Carlson Young, Jane Hedberg (recording secretary).
Committee Chairs Present: Deb Morley for Benefits, Jason Pannone for Communications and Orientation, Ann Robinson and Craig Thomas for Professional Development, Patti Hatch for Rights and Responsibilities.

Committee Reports

Benefits Committee
Deb Morley reported that Susan Milstein resigned from the committee and that Doug Campbell will finish out her term.  The committee will lose an additional two members in 2007.  They held a meeting in August to plan the fall program scheduled for November 2nd from 3:30-5 P.M. in the Lamont Forum Room.  A representative from TIAA-CREF will discuss the basics of investing and investment allocation.

Communications and Orientation Committee
Jason Pannone reported there are three new members of the committee, Sarah Corvene, Maureen Jennings and Reed Lowrie. The committee will hold an Informal Librarians’ Lunch in the fall and continue to coordinate attendance of new hires at the official Librarians’ Lunch.

Professional Development Committee
Craig Thomas reported that Michael Bradford and Ann Robinson will serve as co-chairs of the committee.  They have a full roster of nine members.  The list of professional development links created by Michael Bradford and Kathleen Sheehan is ready for upload to the website.  The new list requires style sheets and is not compatible with the current web design.  Craig also reported that the PDC iSite has been updated with the names of Bryant award winners and an event planning guide.
Action:  Put the list of professional development links up on the current website without the new design features.  Hold the enhanced version for an entire LA website redesign.

Rights and Responsibilities Committee
Patti Hatch reported that the full R&R committee did not meet during the summer, but that she and Elizabeth McKeigue did meet with the new co-chairs for an orientation session.  R&R filled four member vacancies.  They have also reviewed the iSite and generated ideas for future programs.

Fall Committee Orientation

The LAEC will hold an orientation for all committee members on September 14th.  The meeting will begin with brief introductions and explanations of interest in the LA by attendees.  Karen Carlson Young will review the history and mission of the LA, Amira Aaron will describe committee structure and functioning, Alix Reiskind will explain program planning, Craig Thomas will demonstrate the LA iSite and website, Donna Koepp will lead the meeting, the discussion and the question and answer period.  The session will end with meetings of the standing committees.
Action:  Speakers should bring 45 copies of any handouts.
Action:  Karen, Alix, Amira, Craig and Donna will bring desserts.

Committee Liaisons

There is general agreement that the liaison program is a success and should be continued.
Action:  Craig Thomas will serve as liaison to the Benefits Committee.
Action:  Amira Aaron will serve as liaison to the Communication and Orientation Committee.
Action:  Alix Reiskind will serve as liaison to the Professional Development Committee.
Action:  Karen Carlson Young will serve as liaison to the Rights and Responsibilities Committee.

Old Business

Committee Annual Reports are due.

The website needs active management and the LAEC needs a plan to provide it.
Action:  Discuss web management at a future LAEC meeting.

New Business

The LAEC recording secretary is finishing her term and a new secretary should be selected from the members-at-large.
Action:  Donna Koepp will ask Kristin Stoklosa to assume this duty.


Respectfully submitted,

Jane Hedberg, October 3, 2006