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Minutes of the Executive Committee

Librarians’ Assembly
Executive Committee

Meeting, December 1, 2005

Elected Members Present: Alix Reiskind (chair), Donna Koepp (vice-chair), Amira Aaron, Karen Carlson Young, Brad Schaffner, Jane Hedberg (recording secretary).
Committee Chairs Present: Billy Kwan for Benefits, Jason Pannone and Jennifer Jacobsen for Communications and Orientation, Ann Robinson for Professional Development, Elizabeth McKeigue for Rights and Responsibilities.
Absent: no one.

The meeting began with the introduction of Billy Kwan, a new co-chair of the Benefits Committee. Jennifer Lyons will serve as the other co-chair. Billy will contact potential new members in order to fill out the roster of the committee.

Committee Action Items

Benefits Committee
Benefits is planning a spring 2006 program, titled “Ten Benefits That You May Not Know”. It will be a Brown Bag Lunch presentation by someone from the University Benefits Office. The Committee will set a date and find a room.
Benefits is considering a fall 2006 program about long-term care insurance.
Dana Mastroianni, the former chair, compiled a crib sheet for the new co-chairs to assist them in their duties.
Action: One of the co-chairs will notify Alix Reiskind of the date and location of the spring BB as soon as they are known.

Communications and Orientation Committee
A tour of the renovated Baker Library has been requested and it appears that the Communications and Orientation Committee will take responsibility for arrangements.
Jen Jacobsen did some research in the HU Archives and found materials that used to be used for new staff orientation. Jason Pannone has created a draft web page that updates this information.
Action: Alix Reiskind will contact Cathy Moody in Pat Johnson’s office at Baker for more information about a possible tour.
Action: LAEC will read and discuss the information for new staff at its January meeting.

Professional Development Committee
No action items.

Rights and Responsibilities Committee
No action items.

Fall Assembly

The LAEC met with the Assembly panelists on November 29. Michael Leach asked that each speaker be given focus points. LAEC members discussed at length the content of the program and possible titles. They suggested that Amy Lucker, the moderator, begin the program with a slide show that emphasizes the changes librarianship during the past 30 years.
Action: Alix Reiskind will send out a slate of possible titles for the Assembly meeting to LAEC members by email.
Action: Alix Reiskind will send out a draft description of the Assembly program to LAEC members by email.
Action: Once the title and description are agreed upon, Alix Reiskind will issue the invitation to the HUL community.
Action: Alix Reiskind will prepare an agenda for the Assembly meeting that has information about the LA and its committees on the verso.
Action: LAEC members should send any suitable images for the slide show to Alix Reiskind or Amy Lucker.
Action: LAEC members should plan to ask questions during the Assembly meeting to help discussion move along.
Action: Alix Reiskind and Donna Koepp will see to details, such as mics, name plates and water for the speakers.


Amira Aaron has arranged for an iSite with restricted access that is dedicated to LAEC internal communications. It can be used to coordinate calendars, procedures, forms, etc.
Action: Amira Aaron will arrange for someone to attend the January LAEC meeting to conduct a 45 minute to 1 hour training session in iSite use.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the LAEC is scheduled for January 12, 2006 from 12:30-2:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Hedberg, December 21, 2005