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Minutes of the Executive Committee

February 25, 2005

Elected Members Present: Gloria Korsman, Donna Koepp, Constance Mayer, Alix Reiskind, Jane Hedberg.

Committee Chairs Present: Dana Mastroianni for Benefits, Laureen Esser for Professional Development, Renata Kalnins for Rights and Responsibilities.

Absent: Alicja Altenberger, Amy Boucher, Oliver Cutshaw, Carrie Haverman, Sarah Phillips, Tim Strawn.

The meeting began with a welcome to Donna Koepp and introductions of those in attendance.



From Dana Mastroianni's written report:

“Ben Com sponsored a tour of the MAC gymnasium which was held on Wednesday February 16, 2005 at 2:00 pm. Over 40 people responded to the posting, with 20 people allowed as a maximum on the tour. The tour lasted about 50 minutes, 2 groups of 10 were escorted via different pathways through the gym and questions were fielded along the way. Three attendees e-mailed after the tour to say what a great idea this was and one even signed up to become a member of the MAC. We highly recommend offering this again possibly next year as many others would like to attend.
We our finalizing details [sic] our June Family Benefits presentation; We contacted Nancy Costikyan, Work/Life Manager, Harvard University. She said that meeting on June 15th at 3:00 would be fine. Sara from her office will actually do the presenting.”

Communications and Orientation

From Carrie Haverman’s written report:

“We met on January 5 and February 2.
We discussed finding a substitute for the New Librarians’ Tea, hoping to find something more welcoming to all librarians. Jane Hedberg suggested an ice cream social, an idea we endorsed whole-heartedly. Dana will look into locations that could handle the number of librarians who might show up, and caterers.
The invitations to newer Harvard Librarians to the Librarian’s Luncheons continue to go well.
The informal brown bag lunches continue, but with not as much success. We attempted to advertise a little more by sending out a sign to LAEC committee members to hopefully post on local bulletin boards to boost attendance. We were also looking at getting it included with HCL announcements. For the February lunch, we did not send out a reminder the day before, so from all reports, attendance was very slight.
The committee is working on a number of tour ideas to sponsor more community among the librarians. Currently we plan a repeat of last year’s wildly successful tree tour. We are also planning to look into other regular tour ideas such as architecture and building history, murder at Harvard, and sports at Harvard.”

Professional Development From Laureen Esser’s written report:
“Our last meeting was held February 10th.

Our next meeting is planned for March 10th.”

Rights and Responsibilities

From Renata Kalnins’ written report:
“The Rights and Responsibilities Committee has met once since the last Executive Committee meeting on January 13, 2004.
The Committee is presently working on the following matters:

The LAEC endorsed the idea for a program about serving library users who have disabilities.

Action: Gloria Korsman will forward the idea to Wadsworth House for approval.

The LAEC agreed that publicizing professional activities and presentations at conferences warrants further investigation and suggested that the committee consult with Peter Kosewski to co-ordinate with current Wadsworth House activities.

Action: Right and Responsibilities members will investigate and develop a proposal for LAEC consideration.

Ad-Hoc Joint Sub-Committee on Mentoring

From Amy Boucher’s written report:

“I will not be able to attend the LAEC meeting today. We really don’t have anything to report other than that the comm. met a couple of weeks ago to discuss the suggestions that we got from the joint Ad-Hoc/LAEC meeting in December. We hope to meet with Sherri Whang from HCL HR at our next meeting in March.”


Knowledge Management

Alix Reiskind presented a new draft proposal and it was agreed that this project is so large, it will require further refinement before acceptance by the LAEC.

Action: Alix and Jane Hedberg will meet to discuss parsing out activities.

Action: Gloria Korsman will develop an agenda for an LAEC orientation program.

Action: LAEC members should email any comments or recommendations to Alix.

Action: Alix will present another draft proposal at the March LAEC meeting.

Spring Assembly

The Spring Assembly will be held on May 10th from 10:30-12 noon in the Lamont Forum Room. The topic will be the global impact of Harvard’s libraries and it dovetails with a new publication for donors produced by Wadsworth House. In addition to projects already suggested, LAEC members recommended rebuilding libraries in the former Yugoslavia, training Vietnamese librarians, and activities in Africa.

Action: Sub-committee of Gloria Korsman, Dana Mastroianni, and Jane Hedberg will continue planning.


Nominating Committee
Tim Strawn has accepted a new position in Austin, TX and will not serve as chair of the Nominating Committee.

Action: Donna Koepp and Alix Reiskind will form a Nominating Committee

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Hedberg, March 1, 2005