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Minutes of the Executive Committee

Librarians' Assembly
Executive Committee
Meeting, February 8, 2007

Elected Members Present: Donna Koepp (Chair), Karen Carlson Young (Co-Vice-Chair and minutes), Patty Hatch (Co-Vice-Chair), Alix Reiskind, Kristin Stoklosa (Secretary), Craig Thomas
Committee Chairs Present: Jennifer Lyons, Benefits, Jenn Jacobsen and Jason Pannone, Communications and Orientation, Michael Bradford, Professional Development, Erin Wise and Melanie Wisner, Rights and Responsibilities.

Approval of Minutes: The Committee approved the minutes from the meeting of January 11, 2007.

Committee Reports
Benefits Committee
Updates.  The last BenCom meeting was on January 10 2007.  The next BenCom meeting will be scheduled after the EAP Program takes place.  The results of the poll will be posted on the iSites shortly. 
EAP Program. The Committee’s next program is scheduled for March 8, 3:30-5 pm in the Lamont Forum Room, on Harvard’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP); the speakers will be Nancy Costikyan, Manager of Harvard’s Office of WorkLife Resources, and Will Barron, an EAP Clinician with the Wellness Corporation.

Communications and Orientation Committee
The Committee met on February 6.  Their next meeting will take place on March 6.
New Librarians Lunch. As of the time of this meeting, it was not yet determined whether the March lunch would be held.  It was noted that there were no new librarians at the time but also that there is no minimum requirement for holding the lunch.
Tour of Memorial Hall.  There will be two tours on April 4.  Attendance is being managed by RSVP and lottery to determine the tour groups.  The Committee will submit a draft hulinfo message to Peter K. for sending to hulinfo; it does not need to be sent until the latter part of March.
Informal Lunch.   The Wadsworth conference room is reserved for February 27 for the informal lunch.  Informal presentations will be given by various librarians as announced on hulinfo on February 20, with the event taking place over two hours, with half the presenters scheduled for one hour and the other half for the second hour.  Attendance is drop-in and brown bag. 

Professional Development Committee
Updates.  The Bryant brown bag was held on January 19 to a small but interested audience.  The Bryant fellowship hulinfo message went out on February 8.
Tales from the Courthouse.  The Diane Rapaport brown bag session on January 29, co-sponsored by HURA, took place in the Lamont Forum Room to an almost full capacity with approximately 100 attendees. 
PDC Web Site.  Michael has reorganized the file structure of the PDC Web site and updated its content, including the list of professional development links and calendar of events.  LAEC praised the site in the meeting and especially the calendar, and Donna made a suggestion to consider listing any individuals at the Harvard libraries giving papers at meetings.  The PDC is open to receiving links and suggestions regarding conferences to list on the site.  It was suggested that if the links become too numerous, to run links against a link checker, if feasible; the site was created in Dreamweaver which does not have a link checker function.
The next PDC meeting is February 13.
Rights and Responsibilities Committee 
The Committee met on January 22.  The next R&R meeting is February 26.
Records Management Program.  The Records Management program has been scheduled for the Lamont Forum Room for March 22, 2:00-3:30.
Archives/Special Collections.  This program is now tentatively scheduled for sometime in June.  The Committee talked about running themed sessions for this ongoing series.
Hilles Program.  Heather Cole responded favorably to the notification of the program’s postponement; the only caveat is that she has tried to attract two additional speakers and would eventually need to give them timing for the program.  The program is being rescheduled for June or perhaps the fall of 2007, depending on the final schedule of LA programs for the academic year.  The location at Hilles was discussed vis-à-vis concern with the distance but this issue is tabled until further program planning.

New Business – Spring and Fall Assembles
Nominating Committee
According to the by-laws, the Executive Committee appoints a chair of the Nominating Committee, which will generate names to pursue to run for the at-large seats for LAEC.  Craig Thomas volunteered to chair the Nominating Committee.  Candidates will have to submit a descriptive statement and will have an opportunity to make a short statement at the Spring Assembly.  The Nominating Committee will also manage the ballot.
Action: Craig will need to assemble a committee of 3-4 members, including the chair, 1 or 2 members from LAEC, and 1 or 2 members from outside LAEC. 

By-Laws Change
The group discussed the idea posed at the January LAEC meeting to change the by-laws to require a Human Resources member of or liaison to the Benefits Committee.  Donna researched the by laws and found that they are silent on the composition of committees.  The group discussed having an informal requirement; the goal of the proposal is that the HR person is a good source for program speaker contacts.  It was determined that the BenCom should have a strong line of communication with HR, without necessarily requiring a formal member as a standing requirement.  Steve Marley from HCL is a departing member and LAEC should communicate this viewpoint with him. 
Action:  Donna will draft a message to Steve Marley, requesting that he remain available for BenCom to consult from time to time, and asking if he can suggest a member of HR to attend BenCom meetings as invited.  She will send this to BenCom in time for their next meeting and also bring it to the next LAEC meeting.

Spring Assembly
Donna reported that she toured the Radcliffe Gym and found it acceptable for the Spring Assembly reception; we have reserved the Gym from 3:00 pm onward for May 10.  Askwith Hall is available and reserved for the presentation and business meeting, scheduled for May 10 from 3:30-5:00.  This is somewhat tentative as we need to monitor the class schedule as we get closer to the time.  The Larsen auditorium is plan B for the Spring Assembly meeting.

Scholarly Communication Program
The follow-up presentation to the Clifford Lynch program will take place on April 20, 2:00-3:30 pm.  Donna contacted and secured the participation of Dan Moriarty, CIO in the Office of the Provost, who will be the speaker for the program.

PDC Event Planning Guide
Craig Thomas distributed copies of the PDC Event Planning Guide and noted that it is now posted on the iSites.

Committee Restructuring
The meeting discussed the recent restructuring of committees as reflected on the ULC Web site, and the placement of the Librarians’ Assembly.
Action:  Alix will draft a suggestion vis-à-vis LAEC and send it to the committee for comments.

Next LAEC meeting will be Thursday, March 8, 12:00-2:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Kristin Stoklosa
February 23, 2007