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Minutes of the Executive Committee

January 13, 2005

Elected Members Present: Gloria Korsman, Constance Mayer, Jane Hedberg.

Committee Chairs Present: Oliver Cutshaw and Dana Mastroianni for Benefits, Renata Kalnins for Rights and Responsibilities.

Absent: Alicja Altenberger, Amy Boucher, Laureen Esser, Carrie Haverman, Donna Koepp, Sarah Phillips, Alix Reiskind, Tim Strawn.



From the written report:
“Latest meeting, January 5, 2005 at Houghton Library.

Communications and Orientation

No report.

Rights and Responsibilities

From Renata Kalnins’ written report:
“The Rights and Responsibilities Committee has met twice since the last Executive Committee, meeting on November 18, 2004. The Committee is presently working on the following matters:

Ad-Hoc Joint Sub-Committee on Mentoring

From Amy Boucher’s written report:

“The AJCM met with the voting members of the LAEC in December to discuss the progress of the mentoring project. This meeting was very productive, as it allowed us to clarify what our charge is as a group. We are also now much clearer on the parameters that we must work within to accomplish our goal of a mentoring pilot program. As a result of this meeting, I have been able to compile a ‘laundry list’ of tasks that we must accomplish before presenting our findings to the LAEC and Wadsworth House. All parties were in agreement that more evidence would be necessary to persuade the ULC and HUL administration to move forward with a planned pilot project. Among other things, we plan to formally document all of our findings so far, include evidence of other successful mentoring programs, and convene another focus group. We have not met since the joint LAEC/AJCM meeting but plan to do so later this month.”


Knowledge Management

This initiative to document policies and procedures was proposed and developed by Alix Reiskind, so in her absence, members reviewed her written proposal and considered some general ideas. The kind of information documented should include: history of the LA, minutes with action items, the HUL calendar, information from Wadsworth House, information helpful in planning assemblies (especially about potential locations), FAQ’s, and bylaws. The existing list of LAEC activities by month should be expanded, and a corollary list for planning assembly meetings should be created. An orientation session for new chairs each fall would be useful. The LAEC handbook should be reviewed and updated. Most of the information codified should be available electronically, probably through the HUL website, although to do this, it must be possible to control access at the page level (e.g., public, inside Harvard or LA only).

Action: The Executive Committee will develop its knowledge management system, so it can serve as an example for the committees’ systems.

Fall Assembly Review

The reaction to the Fall Assembly (iSites and Sounds: Delivering Library Information to Harvard’s Classrooms) was very good. Professor Kelley from Music was very interesting and energizing. The topic was imaginative and crossed the interests of University tubs. Askwith Hall was a good location, and the 3-4:30 pm time slot is popular.

Action: When programs include question and answer sessions, arrange for a mic in the audience.


Proposal to Move Date of LA Elections

Action: Tabled until next meeting.

Spring Assembly

The topic will be the global impact of Harvard’s libraries. Possible examples include: AAU/ARL Global Resources Network, training Iraqi librarians, donation of the Hilles collection to a Chinese university, tsunami reconstruction efforts, Google’s digitization project, and activities in Cuba.

Action: Sub-committee of Goria Korsman, Dana Mastroianni, and Jane Hedberg will begin preliminary planning.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Hedberg