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Minutes of the Executive Committee

Librarians' Assembly
Executive Committee

Meeting, January 11, 2007

Elected Members Present: Donna Koepp (Chair), Karen Carlson Young (Co-Vice-Chair and minutes), Patty Hatch (Co-Vice-Chair), Alix Reiskind, Kristin Stoklosa (Secretary), Craig Thomas
Committee Chairs Present: Jen Lyons, Benefits, Jenn Jacobsen and Jason Pannone, Communications and Orientation, Ann Robinson and Michael Bradford, Professional Development, Erin Wise and Melanie Wisner, Rights and Responsibilities.

Approval of Minutes: The Committee approved the minutes from the meeting of November 9, 2006.

Committee Reports
Benefits Committee
BenCom met on January 10 2007 and analyzed the results of their hulinfo poll to determine program interests.  BenCom found out that there are about 750 hulinfo subscribers, and the poll generated 160 respondents for a response rate of about 21%.  They will post the draft of poll results on the iSite.  The poll revealed several ideas for programs, including Harvie, Harvard’s benefits package, the Employee Assistance Program, writing a will, benefits after retirement, and housing / home ownership.  For the next program, the Committee decided on “What the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Offers”.  This should be scheduled in the late afternoon so that spouses can be invited.  Steve Marley plans to invite as speakers Nancy Costykne from Harvard Human Resources and Will Barron from the Wellness Group.  BenCom will continue to need a Human Resources person on the Committee, at least as a formal liaison if not a full member, in anticipation of Steve Marley’s departure as a member this summer.
Action: Donna will investigate whether it is possible to include a provision in the by-laws for membership from HR and will investigate the procedures for changing the by-laws.
Update:  After this meeting, BenCom scheduled March 8, 3:30-5:00, in the Lamont Forum Room for its EAP Program
The Committee also discussed other ways that sponsored programs might be advertised in addition to hulinfo.  Library Notes was mentioned keeping in mind the timing for advance submission. 

Communications and Orientation Committee
Jason Pannone reported that the next formal luncheon for librarians is set for February 21.
The Committee’s planning for the Memorial Hall tour is continuing.  The Assistant Director Ray Traietti is consulting about scheduling, and after further discussion about the LAEC calendar, April 4 or 5 are the best dates in order to avoid conflicts with other LAEC programs.  Between 2:30 and 4:30 works best for them, for 45 minutes to an hour including 15 minutes for questions.  Tour capacity is a maximum of 25 people.        
Action Item:
Jason and Jenn will confirm a date with Ray.                                                                                         
The Committee generated the idea of having an informal brown-bag lunch for librarians to describe their work.  Good timing for this based on the rest of the LAEC calendar is the end of February, and Wadsworth House was suggested as a location. 
Action Item: the Committee will follow-up on dates, location, and speakers.
The Tree Tour does not seem practical for this year, given the availability of Peter del Tredici.  LAEC discussed and endorsed the idea of a Gardener’s Tour of Harvard Yard, given by Arnold Arboretum staff.  Best timing for this on the LAEC calendar will be sometime in the fall.

Professional Development Committee
Ann Robinson reported on the status of the Tales from the Courthouse brown bag session, scheduled for Monday January 29 from 12:00-1:30 in the Lamont Forum Room.  Malcolm Hamilton has already received 25 rsvps from the Harvard University Retirees Association (HURA), there have been 40 rsvps on the hulinfo announcement, and the Forum Room’s capacity is 103.  A recommendation is to give the Lamont desk guard advance warning about the attendance for the event.                                                                
UpdateAs of the week of January 16, the rsvps for the event have reach capacity, and Ann sent a message to hulinfo announcing that attendance is closed.
Rights and Responsibilities Committee
Erin Wise reported that they have a hold on the Lamont Forum Room for Thursday March 22 in the afternoon, for the Records Management Program. 
The Archives / Special Collections Program was initially explored for April 16 or 23, but after discussing the LAEC calendar it was settled to conduct this program sometime in June (date as yet unspecified).  The R&R Committee sees a relation between this and Cliff Lynch’s talk, and specific ideas are recorded in the Committee’s minutes from December 18 2006.
The Hilles Program was initially explored for May 14, but after discussing the LAEC calendar it was settled to conduct this program either sometime in June or in the fall (probably more likely in the fall).  This program will treat the history of Hilles and will largely depend on Heather Cole, who is the main person for the program; she might co-present it with a colleague from Schlesinger.  It ties into a paper / exhibit that Heather is preparing, and the R&R program is secondary to that project.
The R&R Committee raised the idea of conducting a Scholarly Communication Program co-sponsored with LAEC, on topics or themes covered in Clifford Lynch’s talk.  Liza Vick inquired with David Osterbur and Michael Leach on prospective speakers, and they recommended Hal Ableson from MIT.  A panel format with other participants such as Dale Flecker was discussed.  The Provost’s Committee on Scholarly Communication, on which Stuart Scheiber is a member, at most might be a good source for panelists or ideas, and should at least be made aware of the project.  Patti cautioned that panelists or speakers would need focus rather than proposing them a topical field which is too wide.
Action Item: 
Donna will inquire with Dan Hazen about approaching the Provost’s Committee.

New Business – Spring and Fall Assembles
LAEC continued to discuss reactions and feedback from Clifford Lynch’s presentation at the Fall Assembly on Thursday December 14.  The session was recorded on cassette, and Peter Kosewski has written a piece for Library Notes based on the tapes.  The tapes will be stored in Archives with a release from Cliff to allow listening in the reading room. 
For the Spring Assembly on May 10, Donna is in process of locating a room, with candidates being the Horner Room, the Agassiz Theater, or the Radcliffe Gym: she is unfamiliar with the Radcliffe space and will visit it with Marilyn Dunn.  Donna will report back to LAEC on the best space available and when there is a commitment from Wadsworth House on the Spring Assembly date.


Draft Calendar for 2007

   Jan 19 - Bryant Fellowship Brown Bag (Professional Development)
   Jan 29 - Tales from the Courthouse Brown Bag (Professional Development)

   Feb 21 - Formal Lunch (Communications & Orientation)
   end of Feb - Informal Lunch at Wadsworth House (Communications & Orientation)

   March 8 - Employee Assistance Program, 3:30-5:00, Lamont Forum Room (BenCom)
   March 22 - Records Management (Rights & Responsibilities)

   April 4 or 5 - Memorial Hall Tour (Communications & Orientation)
   last 2 weeks Apr - Scholarly Communication Panel (Professional Development / Rights   & Responsibilities)

May 10 - Spring Assembly

June (unspecified date) - Archives/Special Collections Program (Rights & Responsibilities)

   Hilles Program (Rights & Responsibilities) - maybe June or more likely Fall
   Gardener's Tour of Yard (Communications & Orientation)

Next LAEC meeting will be Thursday, February 8, 12:00-2:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Kristin Stoklosa
January 19, 2007