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Executive Committee

Minutes of the Meeting, Thursday, January 10, 2008, Rabinowitz Room, Divinity School Library, 12 noon-1 p.m.

Elected Members Present: Karen Carlson Young (Chair); Kim Dulin, Kristin Stoklosa, Craig Thomas, Erin Wise (Members-at-Large)

Committee Chairs Present: Mindy Kent (Com-Com); Michael Bradford (PDC); Tim Driscoll, Liza Vick (R&R)

Members not Present: Marty Schreiner (Member-at-Large); Candy Feldt, Kevin Lau (Ben-Com); Reed Lowrie (Com-Com); Jennifer Beauregard (PDC)

Approval of Minutes: The Committee approved the minutes from the meeting of December 6, 2007 as received.

Committee Reports:


Plans for the tour of the Mac facilities are still underway. The intention is that it will take place in late January.


Upcoming formal luncheons will take place on February 20, March 19 and in May (TBA).

An informal brown-bag may take place in April. A new location is being proposed for variety. The date will depend upon the finalization of the date of the Memorial Hall tour (which will probably take place on April 2).

Com-Com has a list of other possible events which will are possibilities for the 2008-2009 academic year.


The December presentation on fundraising in academic libraries has been rescheduled to February 1.

The Bryant Fellowship informational brown bag lunch took place on January 9. February 16 is the deadline for accepting applications. (A reminder will be sent via Library Notes and HULINFO)

Planning for iSites training for LA committee members is still in the works.

The PDC Programming Interest Poll netted 130 responses. Michael is still processing the responses. Preliminary suggestions from the poll include:

  • HD tour (50 suggestions for this)

  • Non-Google digitization projects (there is high interest for this)

  • Virtual tours of Harvard Libraries

  • Using metrics in librarianship—find guest speakers on this topic?

  • User studies: state of the art; which peer institutions are doing them

  • 2010 Library 'visioning,' informatics, collaborative collecting.

  • A more conservative view--such as Michael Gorman's, of the digital future. The OIS/Flecker lectures have been only one view of a very problematic area.

  • Copyright

  • Guest speakers

  • Having Cliff Lynch from CNI last year was great - perhaps we could attract more library luminaries to come speak, e.g. Steve Morris (NCSU), Roy Tennant (OCLC), Tim Spalding (Library Thing)

  • I would like any events that are about the future of the library field, that shake people up and make them realize that this field is evolving and we need to keep up with things in this field... e.g. a catalog that functions like Google.

  • Librarians' responses to changes in scholarly publishing.

  • More outside speakers such as Karen Calhoun, Clifford Lynch, et al., looking at the larger landscape.  Representatives from OCLC/RLG talking about their visions.

  • RDA, future trends for our libraries

Action: Michael will give Karen the numbers of people interested in an HD tour to bring to Wadsworth House.


R&R hopes to host the Hilles Library Transfer Project presentation this spring. No further news at this point.

A presentation of Harvard librarians responding to Hurricane Katrina will take place on April 16 in the Lamont Forum Room at 1:30 pm. Panelists have been confirmed. This will be a brown-bag lunch.

A library security forum is in the works. Tim Gray and Paul Bellenoit are possible speakers. This may take place in February.

An event dealing with archives and special collections may take place later in the spring. The general concept is a panel of archivists (3-4) representing smaller collections at Harvard. Each could speak a maximum of 10-15 minutes describing his/her respective collection allowing time for a general discussion following. A second similar event representing museums might be a possibility at a later time.

General reminder to Committees:  Post upcoming events on the iSites Calendar and on the HUL Calendar ( http://hul.harvard.edu/calendar.html ) in addition to HULINFO.

Old Business:

The Metadata Task Group open meeting will probably take place on February 4, 3-5 pm in one of the Science Center auditoriums. LAEC may or may not co-sponsor.

New Business:

Spring Librarians’ Assembly:

This will probably take place in mid-May.

Action: Karen will contact Dana Hanify regarding Professor Darnton’s and Nancy Klein’s schedules in mid-May.

Ideas/Discussion of topics for the Spring Librarians’ Assembly:

A discussion ensued concerning an idea suggested by Ly-Anne O’Dwyer for a follow up of Robert Darnton’s talk at the October Fall Assembly. She had suggested that we could invite Harvard faculty to discuss their relationship with the Harvard Libraries in terms of their own research—how they conduct it at Harvard, what they like about the libraries in terms of supporting their research, where we could improve, etc. In other words, we could pursue the theme of research collaboration between faculty and librarians at Harvard.

One idea would be to organize a panel of faculty and/or library directors representing 4-5 different Harvard Libraries (e.g., FAS, Business, Law, Ed School, etc.), chaired by Professor Darnton to discuss the theme of faculty/library collaboration

It was decided that it would be best to approach the library directors directly for suggestions of specific faculty whom we may wish to invite to speak. The directors may know of faculty working on specific projects that would best exemplify the theme of collaboration. Erin, for example, mentioned a project of possible interest at Baker Library.

 --We need to avoid HCL/FAS domination.

--Inviting faculty to attend as audience members would result in too many attendees. The target audience for this event would be librarians themselves.

Action items:

1. Karen will contact Wadsworth House first for approval of the idea.

2. Craig will draft a summary to send out to the various library directors via e-mail describing the idea. He will send the draft first to other LAEC members for input.

  • Would they be interested in serving on the panel?

  • Can they recommend suitable faculty?

3. Decide which library directors this call for volunteers would go out to.

4. Ask Robert Darnton if he would be interested in chairing this panel (or if not, could he incorporate the concept into his Spring Assembly State of the Library speech as an introduction?)

Other Spring Assembly Ideas:

Some of the suggestions made on the PDC poll would also make suitable topics for the Spring Librarians’ Assembly meeting. For example, we might be able to use an ALA travel grant to bring in a “big name” speaker. Reserve this as an alternate plan? Save for next year?

  • If this year, we would have to apply for the travel grant before the deadline.

Next Meeting: Thursday, February 14, in Widener Rm. G55, 12 noon-2 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Craig Thomas