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Minutes of the Executive Committee

Librarians’ Assembly
Executive Committee

Meeting, July 20, 2006


HUL Administration Present: Sid Verba, Barbara Graham, Peter Kosewski, Dana Hanify.
Elected Members Present: Alix Reiskind (chair), Donna Koepp (vice-chair), Amira Aaron, Karen Carlson Young, Jane Hedberg (recording secretary).
Committee Chairs Present: Jennifer Lyons for Benefits, Jason Pannone for Communications and Orientation, Craig Thomas for Professional Development, Elizabeth McKeigue for Rights and Responsibilities.
Absent:  Brad Schaffner.

Alix Reiskind welcomed the guests from HUL Administration.  Introductions included name, library affiliation and a description of the person’s role on the LAEC.  Alix provided a brief synopsis of the Librarians’ Assembly activities for 2005-2006, with a particular emphasis on programmatic changes.

Committee Reports

Professional Development Committee
Craig Thomas reviewed PDC activities, including the brown bag about blogging, the two postponed lectures, the Bryant Fellowship awards, the program interest survey, the use of iSites for internal documentation, and the updates to PDC web pages.

Communications and Orientation Committee
Jason Pannone reviewed C&O activities, including Librarians’ Lunches, the Murder at Harvard screening, the Informal Librarians’ Lunch, the use of iSites for committee business, the Harvard Yard Tree Tour, and the Ice Cream Social.

Rights and Responsibilities Committee
Elizabeth McKeigue reviewed R&R activities, including a program about art librarianship, a program about Harvard’s Slavic collections, and the use of iSites.  R&R plans to continue its library specialties series next year, with a program about Harvard’s Chinese collections.

Benefits Committee
Jennifer Lyons reviewed Benefits activities, including the two programs about current benefits and long-term health care, the use of iSites and mounting PowerPoint® slides from their programs on the website.  Benefits faced the unique challenge this past year of having four co-chairs in the space of several months, because two co-chairs left Harvard employment.

Alix Reiskind raised the issue of getting feedback from the wider membership about activities.  There are polling tools available that would facilitate collecting such information.  Peter Kosewski suggested that every program use the same questions on a paper evaluation form, so that the data would be comparable over time.

Donna Koepp will serve as chair and Amira Aaron and Karen Carlson Young will serve as co-vice-chairs.

Topics for Future Programs

There is general interest in the future of the OPAC, cataloging, authority changes, and metadata, particularly if we have outside speakers who could provide a fresh perspective.  Sid Verba suggested a presentation about the merger of RLG and OCLC.  Amira Aaron suggested an explanation of the changes to OCLC’s World Cat.
How our jobs are changing and what we need to know to do our new jobs is another area of strong interest.  What does the ULC see for our futures?  How do we get the training we will need?  How do we ensure diversity?
Donna Koepp suggested we bring in speakers that we may have heard at conferences.
Alix Reiskind pointed out that collaboration between librarians and faculty members is always popular.
Sid Verba is interested in new initiatives that are crossing traditional boundaries, e.g., collaboration s between research centers and libraries, and between research centers and faculties.
Students who have taken expository writing or seniors who have completed theses could discuss how research training works.  We could provide workshops about best practice for this kind of classroom support.
Barbara Graham suggested that we explore how research is becoming more interdisciplinary and how technology can support that.
Sid Verba suggested we explore cooperative collecting and how collecting traditional materials is dovetailing with collecting e-resources.
Alix Reiskind brought up copyright issues as an ever popular topic.
Information about the Open Collections Project: Contagion could be the basis of a spring program.  One of the interesting discoveries of this project is a parallel between the 1918 flu epidemic and a possible Avian flu outbreak.

At this point, the HUL Administration representatives left the meeting.

Old Business

The Rights and Responsibilities Committee needs two more volunteers.  Donna Koepp will put out a call on HULinfo.

Annual Reports are due in August.

A Thank You writing session is scheduled for 5:15 on August 2nd at John Harvard’s Brew Pub.

New Business

The next meeting is re-scheduled for Thursday, August 31st from 10:00-11:30 at 90 Mt. Auburn, Room 007.

The annual Orientation Session should be scheduled in the Lamont Forum Room before classes start on September 18th.


Respectfully submitted,

Jane Hedberg, August 3, 2006