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Minutes of the Executive Committee

June 9, 2005


Elected Members Present: Gloria Korsman, Donna Koepp, Constance Mayer, Alix Reiskind, Jane Hedberg.
Committee Chairs Present: Dana Mastroianni and Oliver Cutshaw for Benefits, Craig Thomas for Professional Development, Renata Kalnins for Rights and Responsibilities.
Absent: Laureen Esser, Sarah Phillips.

Committee Reports

The Committee is planning a program about benefits that support families on June 15th at 3 P.M. in the Griswold classroom at the Law School. Dana Mastroianni met with the speakers to plan their presentations. Just before this LA Executive Meeting, a charge for audio/visual services for this program came up.
Steve Marley was able to secure Marymichele Delaney, Senior Benefits Consultant, to speak at a program in the fall.

Action: Dana will investigate the nature of the a/v charge from the Law School.

Communications and Orientation
Excerpts from Sarah Phillip’s written report, submitted after the meeting:
“Ice Cream Social—
…Our total number of completed raffle entries was 59. Add that to those who didn't sign up (mostly committee members), so our total attendance was likely 70-75 people…
Things we thought in retrospect for next year's planning:
--Offer and advertise frozen yogurt for the calorie conscious?
--Explain that it's a serve-yourself sundae bar in the advertisements (some people just thought they'd get a prepared dish of boring ice cream.)
--Monday afternoon might not be the best time to have it--perhaps mid-week?
--If we have any handouts about Librarians' Assembly or what our committees do, this would be a great time to talk to people about it.
Formal Librarians’ Luncheon—
This program, in its first trial year, seems to be very successful. We are able to invite most new librarians to join us, and they seem to enjoy themselves. We would like to continue to have it.
Informal Monthly Lunch—

This program did not attract the numbers we’d hoped for. Next year, we plan to have a single “Back to School” lunch, then perhaps one in January.
Tree Tour—
We will be planning this for June, pending Mr. DelTredici’s scheduling.
Sports History at Harvard—
Jay and Jennifer B. are still working on this, for the Fall of next year.
Summer Plans—
We would still like to have a summer barbeque or lunch.”

Professional Development
From Craig Thomas’s and Laureen Esser’s written report:
“The Librarians’ Luncheon featuring this year’s recipients of the Bryant Fellowship was on Wednesday, May 18, at the Faculty Club. Doug and Ksenya, the Fellowship judges, attend the Luncheon, where the grant recipients were able to present their research to the community.
Paul Bergen from ICG spoke on the topic, “Using Course Websites for Undergraduate Instruction” for a PDC presentation on May 4. There were about 70 attendees at Paul’s talk, which was extremely interesting and featured both a PowerPoint demonstration as well as a view of some actual course websites. The talk was well-received and stimulated questions and discussion afterwards. Craig was responsible for most of the planning and provided excellent publicity for the event.

The FRBR presentation with Barbara Tillett on May 26 was a success. This presentation was part of a PDC effort to regularly feature speakers from beyond Harvard who are doing innovative work in librarianship. Amira and Karen have both done a lot of work both for the presentation and for arranging Barbara’s day as a Harvard guest.

We also discussed Knowledge management and what we should keep on record to assist successors to the various Subcommittees in planning. We would want; for example, to keep track of how we plan for and publicize events (e.g., arranging for funding) and note the response to events. Ksenya will consult with Doug and write up guidelines for administering the Bryant Fellowship. Laureen will write up guidelines for event planning. They will forward these to the co-chairs. A records management policy needs to be created for deciding what materials go to the University Archives (only the winning applications of the Bryant Fellowship are retained, for example; the others are discarded).

The PDC decided that it is a good idea to maintain and update our list of past programs because this gives a sense of what programs have been done in the past and can assist in planning later programs. Laureen will send Connie Mayer a list of PDC programs since 2003. A possible future format for these entries would be to list title, speaker, and date, and perhaps a brief synopsis based on the HULINFO advertisement for the event. There was a discussion of the list of Professional Development Opportunities on the PDC Website. A possible topic of discussion for next year would be to maintain the Website as an up-to-the-minute information resource for professional development opportunities. It was noted, however, that this might prove impractical because we cannot update the Website ourselves.

This year, the terms of five of our members has expired; our former co-chair, Alicja Altenberger, is recently deceased; two other members may or may not be able to serve in the coming academic year due to other commitments. That means that we will need to recruit between six and eight new members (at least one new person has expressed interest in the PDC).”

Action: Craig will bring the PDC documents developed for Knowledge Management to LAEC to share with other committees.

Rights and Responsibilities
Excerpts from Renata Kalnins’ written report:

Action: Renata will send the summary report about the Disabilities program to members of LAEC.

New Business

Remembering Alicja Altenberger
The LAEC noted with great sadness Alicja’s death.

Action: The PDC will make a donation to the charity selected by her family.

Election of 2005-2006 LAEC Officers
The LAEC voted unanimously for Alix Reiskind to serve as chair and Donna Koepp to serve as vice-chair. It was noted with regret Connie Mayer’s resignation to take a position at the University of Maryland.

Recognition and Orientation
Gloria Korsman suggested that everyone deserved recognition of their hard work this year, so the LAEC agreed to send each committee member a hand-written thank you.

There will significant turnover in committee membership next year, so an orientation session will be particularly important for continuation of the Assembly’s work.

Executive Committee and all standing committee members from 2004-05 and 2005-06 will be invited. Alix, Dana, Donna, Gloria and Jane will plan a 1 ½ hour program for a brown bag during the first week in September. Attendees will bring a lunch and the LAEC will provide desserts.

Action: Gloria will arrange a suitable date for writing thank you notes.
Action: Gloria will arrange an orientation planning committee meeting.

Action: Jane will secure the Lamont Forum Room for the orientation.

Committee chairs must deposit last year’s records of LA business in the University Archives. These records include minutes, reports, significant emails, candidate statements and ballots.

Action: Chairs should bring copies of all pertinent documents to the July LAEC meeting.

Meeting with HUL Administration
Sid Verba and Barbara Graham will attend the final LAEC meeting of the year. Agenda items suggested for discussion included communication guidelines, plans for the future, the orientation session, program development timelines, and funding.

Action: Gloria will co-ordinate scheduling the meeting, preferably for July 14th from 10:30-noon.

Old Business

Spring Assembly
The Assembly program went well, although there wasn’t much time at the end for questions.

Nominating Committee
Ballots went out and are due back on June 25th.
Action: Alix will put a reminder to vote out on HULinfo.
Action: The remainder of Connie’s member-at-large term will be filled by the candidate with the third highest vote count in the election. (The first and second highest will be elected to their own terms.)

Connie Mayer will be leaving Harvard soon, so someone will have to take over the management of the LA web pages.
Action: Dana Mastroianni will take over web management.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Hedberg, June 17, 2005