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Minutes of the Executive Committee

Librarians’ Assembly
Executive Committee

Meeting, June 29, 2006


Elected Members Present: Alix Reiskind (chair), Donna Koepp (vice-chair), Jane Hedberg (recording secretary).
Committee Chairs Present: Jennifer Lyons and Deb Morley for Benefits, Jason Pannone and Jenn Jacobsen for Communications and Orientation, Craig Thomas and Ann Robinson for Professional Development, Patti Hatch and Elizabeth McKeigue for Rights and Responsibilities.
Absent:  Amira Aaron, Brad Schaffner, Karen Carlson Young.


Committee Reports

Benefits Committee
The Committee has postponed the proposed informal poll of possible program topics to determine levels of interest and attendees preferences for times and formats.
Membership: No new members required.

Communications and Orientation Committee
The Tree Tour in Harvard Yard was a great success.  Eighty-three people applied for the thirty spots.
There were five winners of raffle prizes at the Ice Cream Social and they all have been notified.
Action:  Record the procedure for arranging the Tree Tour and conducting the drawing to select attendees.
Action:  Investigate whether an indoor lecture by someone else from the Arnold Arboretum could help satisfy the still strong demand.
Action:  Investigate whether it would be possible to give Peter Del Tredici a special citation.
Membership:  Three new members required, computer skills preferred.

Professional Development Committee
Andrea Schulman’s job responsibilities have changed and she must step down from PDC.
The presentation by Dale Flecker, originally scheduled for June 14th, will be rescheduled for some time later in the summer.
Michael Bradford has created a list of professional development websites and Craig Thomas will add them to the website.  They also hope to add an events calendar.
The Committee is considering inviting Sid Berger to speak about book digitization and having Bryant Fellows report after they complete their research.
Craig Thomas will complete his term as co-chair this year.  The Committee will select a new co-chair to work with Ann Robinson at its September meeting.
Membership:  Two new members required.

Rights and Responsibilities Committee
Approximately twenty-five people attended the June 2nd Brown Bag lunch about managing University Records.  The Committee received a request that it be repeated, so they may offer it again in the fall.
Melanie Wisner and Erin Wise will serve as co-chairs for the next year.
Membership:  Four new members required.

Spring Assembly
The Assembly was a success, in spite of the rain and more distant location.  It has been suggested that it be extended to two hours, to allow enough time for a report about the state of the Library and substantive presentations by speakers.  Alix Reiskind sent thank you notes to the participants.

Leadership and Members for FY07
Donna Koepp will serve as chair and Amira Aaron and Karen Carlson Young will serve as co-vice-chairs.  The six forms submitted by volunteers were distributed to the committee chairs in need of members.
Action:  Additional committee members are required and everyone should try to identify possible candidates.

Nominating Committee
There were approximately one hundred and fifty ballots returned in the Member-at-Large election.  They will be counted on July 6th by Karen Carlson Young, Alix Reiskind and Jane Hedberg.

Volunteer Appreciation
Alix Reiskind will schedule an LAEC group writing session to prepare thank you notes for all committee members who served the LA this year.

Annual Reports
Annual reports are due at the end of July.
Action:  Committee Chairs should prepare reports and submit them to Alix Reiskind.

Next Meeting
The next meeting of the LAEC will be held on July 20, 2006 at Wadsworth House.  Sid Verba, Barbara Graham, Peter Kosewski, and Dana Hanify are invited to attend.  The agenda will probably include a brief review and assessment of the past year and a discussion of potential topics for the Fall Assembly.

Fall 2006 Orientation Session
The 2005 orientation was very helpful, particularly for new members, so it will be repeated in 2006.  Details of the agenda will be discussed at a future meeting.



Respectfully submitted,

Jane Hedberg, July 11, 2006