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Executive Committee

Minutes of the Meeting, Thursday, June 12, 2008, Widener Room G-55, 12 noon-2 p.m.

Elected Members Present: Karen Carlson Young (Chair); Kristin Stoklosa, Craig Thomas, (Members-at-Large)

Committee Chairs Present: Kevin Lau (Ben-Com); Reed Lowrie (Com-Com); Jennifer Beauregard, Michael Bradford (PDC); Tim Driscoll (R&R)

Members not Present: Marty Schreiner (Co-Chair); Kim Dulin, Erin Wise (Members-at-Large); Candice Feldt (Ben-Com); Mindy Kent (Com-Com); Jennifer Beauregard (PDC)

Approval of Minutes: The Committee approved the minutes from the meeting of May 12, 2008 with three revisions

Committee Reports:


The April 28 brown-bag program, Wills, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Proxy had 46 attendees.

The future program list has been narrowed down to five topics, two items of which will be for next year. The list is available on the Ben-Com iSite.

The minutes on the iSite are now up to date. Kevin has also uploaded a list of resources/contacts for co-chairs (Lamont  Forum Room reservation, etc.)

Ben-Com will need three people for next year (one to replace a no-show member). Kevin Lau and Lewis Day are cycling off Ben-Com [See New Business below for discussion of no-show members]. Candy Feldt is cycling off as co-chair. Spruill Harder will be co-chair next year; a second co-chair is being sought. Ben-Com hopes to implement staggered co-chairs next year.


The ice-cream social on June had 93 attendees. There were two winners for the raffle.

A “Dead Librarians Tour” of Mt. Auburn Cemetery is planned for October. Com-Com will decide whether to have a lottery and/or schedule two tours. Hiring a bus may be a possibility.

Com-Com needs one new person: Mindy Kent is cycling off Ben-Com. Reed Lowrie is cycling off as co-chair. Trinie Thai-Parker will be co-chair.


40 people attended the Baker tour on Thursday, May 8.

Six people are cycling off the PDC; Michael Austin, Jennifer Beauregard, Annie Jo Cains, and Marilyn Morgan will still be serving on the Committee next year.


The Museums/Archives program is scheduled for Thursday, June 26.

R&R needs two new people. Karin Storin Linitz is cycling off R&R and Heather Cole retired. There is also a no-show member that should be replaced. Tim Driscoll and Liza Vick are cycling off as co-chairs. Nancy Quinn and Susan Earle will be the new co-chairs.

Ongoing Business:

Spring Assembly:

The Spring Assembly was very successful and the speakers were all engaging. The Assembly focused on collaborative efforts between and among faculty and librarians. The featured presenters included Robert Darnton, Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor and Director of the University Library; Susan Gilroy, Head of Reference Services, HCL's Lamont Library; Karen Heath, Expository Writing Program in Harvard College; and Barbara Esty, Curriculum Services Specialist, Knowledge and Library Services, Harvard Business School.

One of the nominees for LAEC member-at-large chose to speak.

The Assembly was recorded and added to the University Archives.

Nominating Committee:

The ballots and volunteer forms were sent out.

Action: Mary will submit to the LAEC the ballot results and the volunteer forms for distribution at the August meeting to the sub-committees.

Annual Reports:

The Ben-Com and PDC reports are in. The remaining reports are due by the end of the month. These will be put on the iSite.

New Business:

No-Show Committee Members:

This has been a problem with two of the sub-committees. The By-laws allow a Committee member who has missed three consecutive meetings to be replaced. We discussed the idea of drafting a form-letter to be sent to such wayward members. We can also address the matter at the September orientation meeting.  Another possibility would be to send out a letter to Committee members at the beginning of the year. Form letters can be uploaded to the LAEC iSite.

Action: Karen will draft a letter to the two no-show members. The LAEC will review.

iSite Administration:

Patti Fucci at OIS will change the ownership of the LAEC iSite from “Amira Aron” to “LAEC”. Craig will be the e-mail contact for the LAEC iSite.

Summer Meeting/Transition:

We could meet this summer with Wadsworth House about plans for the coming year or wait until early September. We will meet by ourselves at some point this summer to assign new Committee members.

We will need 12-13 new Committee members for the coming academic year.

Action: Karen will contact Barbara Graham regarding a meeting with Wadsworth House this summer.

Respectfully submitted,

Craig Thomas