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Minutes of the Executive Committee

March 16, 2005

Elected Members Present: Gloria Korsman, Donna Koepp, Constance Mayer, Alix Reiskind, Tim Strawn, Jane Hedberg.

Committee Chairs Present: Dana Mastroianni and Oliver Cutshaw for Benefits, Sarah Phillips for Communication and Orientation, Craig Thomas for Professional Development, Renata Kalnins for Rights and Responsibilities.

Absent: Alicja Altenberger, Amy Boucher, Laureen Esser, Carrie Haverman.

The meeting began with a welcome to Craig Thomas and introductions of those in attendance.



No written report:
Benefits has not met since the last LAEC meeting.

Communications and Orientation

Excerpts from Sarah Phillip's written report:

“2. Ice Cream Social
Dana has found a date for us: May 23, a Monday, from 3:30-5:00, in the Theatre Room, downstairs in the Faculty Club. Jason and Sarah volunteered to write an invitation. We discussed which raffle prizes to buy, and how to distribute them.

3. Formal Luncheon
A success: new librarians seem to consistently enjoy attending these functions. The next two are April 20 (Jennifer J. & Sarah) and May 18 (June & Carrie).

4. Informal Lunch
Less than 10 people attended the Feb. 11 one. We discussed increasing publicity, with announcements in Library Notes and hcl list (again) and hulinfo (again), as well as posters sent directly to more libraries. Also doing a major rewrite for each announcement. Other suggestions included: asking people to bring a friend, writing the May announcement saying support for the program might disappear without more attendance. Other thoughts: organizers should show up at least 15 min. early, and post a flyer on the door marked “Today”.

5. Tree Tour
Time for Sarah and Jennifer J. to call Mr. DelTredici.

6. Architecture
Time to contact Jennifer B. to find out success in recruiting speakers who could do the social history angle.

7. Murder at Harvard
Jane has worked with Melissa Banta, who has created a PBS documentary, to create a great program about an 1849 murder in the Mass. General Hospital area. A Harvard professor was executed, but doubts remain as to his guilt. We hope to put this tour on the road in October.

8. Sports and Harvard
Jay is continuing to work with Jennifer B. on this program.

Next meeting: April 6.”

Professional Development

From Craig Thomas's written report:

“The Committee hosted a Bryant Fellowship Brown-bag Lunch on January 21 to provide information about the Fellowships and to hear some of last year’s recipients talk about their research which the Fellowship has helped to fund. The deadline for this year’s recipients was February 18 and the three recipients have already been selected out of a pool of all very impressive candidates. The winners will be formally announced shortly.

The PDC had scheduled Barbara Tillett from the Library of Congress to speak on March 22 about the IFLA Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR). Due to a scheduling conflict, Barbara has had to reschedule her presentation. It will now take place on Thursday, May 26, from 2-4, at the Gutman Conference Center. FRBR will have a great impact on cataloging and the upcoming revision of AACR2, so please save the date.”

Rights and Responsibilities

From Renata Kalnins’ written report:

“The Rights and Responsibilities Committee is scheduled to meet this coming Friday March 18 and has not met since the last Executive Meeting on February 25, 2005. As a result, there is little to report at the present time.
The several updates about activities that we have are as follows:

Ad-Hoc Joint Sub-Committee on Mentoring

No written report:

Action: The Members-at-Large of the LAEC will meet with the members of the Ad-Hoc Joint Sub-committee to discuss its future.


Knowledge Management

No report.
Action: Alix and Jane Hedberg will meet to discuss parsing out activities.
Action: Gloria Korsman will develop an agenda for an LAEC orientation program and an end-of-year celebration.

Spring Assembly

The Spring Assembly will be held on May 10th from 10:30-12 noon in the Lamont Forum Room. The general topic is Harvard’s activities and effect in the world. Attendees considered many possible topics and the general consensus was that if we found dynamic speakers, the direction of the topics would follow.

Action: Sub-committee of Goria Korsman, Dana Mastroianni, and Jane Hedberg will continue researching possible topics and speakers, with Connie Mayer’s help.

Nominating Committee

Tim Strawn handed the Committee’s materials to Donna Koepp and Alix Rieskind, and gave them advice for conducting the election. They will need to find four candidates for two member-at-large positions.

Action: Donna Koepp and Alix Reiskind will begin to identify possible candidates.


Connie Mayer requested that Committee chairs check the LA website to see if any minutes or documentation is not up. Any missing documents should be submitted to her for posting.

Action: Committee chairs will review and submit their documents.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Hedberg, March 21, 2005