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Minutes of the Executive Committee

Librarians' Assembly
Executive Committee

Meeting, March 8, 2007

Elected Members Present: Donna Koepp (Chair), Karen Carlson Young (Co-Vice-Chair and minutes), Patty Hatch (Co-Vice-Chair), Alix Reiskind, Kristin Stoklosa (Secretary), Craig Thomas
Committee Chairs Present: Jennifer Lyons, Benefits, Jenn Jacobsen and Jason Pannone, Communications and Orientation, Ann Robinson, Professional Development, Erin Wise and Melanie Wisner, Rights and Responsibilities.

Approval of Minutes: The Committee approved the minutes from the meeting of February 8, 2007.

Committee Reports
Benefits Committee
Jen Lyons reported that the BenCom has been focusing on planning for the EAP Program scheduled for this afternoon of March 8.   Later in the meeting, LAEC discussed whether Steve Marley could continue on the BenCom and planned to send him an invitation to continue as a full member for an additional term (please see under “Old Business” below).

Communications and Orientation Committee                                                        
CommComm met on March 6.                                                                    
Informal Lunch.   The informal lunch on February 27 at Wadsworth House was a success with approximately 30 attendees, and several requests to repeat the event, with the same format of panel librarians, but perhaps in a larger venue such as the Forum Room.  The Committee will consider a timeframe of Fall 2007.  The panels of librarians who spoke for the two sessions was as follows:                                                                                
12:00-1:00 pm, Feb. 27:
* Alix Reiskind, Visual Resources Librarian, Frances Loeb Library -- Harvard Graduate School of Design                                                                                                                    * Kate Bowers, Collection Services Archivist, Harvard University Archives -- Harvard University Library
* Maureen Jennings, Archivist/Librarian, Property Information Resource Center -- Harvard Real Estate Services/Harvard University Planning Office
* Wendy Gogel, Digital Projects Program Librarian, Office for Information Systems -- Harvard University Library
1:00-2:00 pm, Feb. 27:
* Jane Hedberg, Preservation Program Officer, Weissman Preservation Center -- Harvard University Library
* Jane Zhang, Records Analyst, Harvard University Archives -- Harvard University Library
* Jason Pannone, Librarian, Robbins Library, Department of Philosophy -- Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Formal Lunch. The formal lunch on February 21 had more than the planned number of attendees: several people who hadn’t replied by rsvp showed up.  The next formal lunch will be held on March 21; people to invite include 3 from Gutman as well as any holdovers from the February lunch.  
Tour of Memorial Hall.  Two tours are scheduled back-to-back for April 4.  Attendance is being managed by RSVP and lottery to determine the tour groups.  A HULINFO announcement will be distributed shortly.
Ice Cream Social.  The date for the Social is TBD, as the Committee needs to take into consideration Sid Verba’s schedule, which might preclude the latter half of May and push the Social to post-commencement.

Professional Development Committee
The PDC met on February 13; their next meeting is March 20.
Bryant Fellowship.  The application deadline for the Bryant Fellowship was February 16.  There were only two applicants this year, and the Committee selected one recipient.  
Program on Scholarly Communication.  This program is planned for April 11, 12:00-1:30 pm in the Lamont Forum Room.   The program is jointly sponsored by the PDC and the Rights & Responsibilities Committee.  The speaker will be Dan Moriarty, the Senior Associate Provost and CIO.  Dan’s talk will serve as a response to Clifford Lynch’s talk at the Fall Librarians’ Assembly meeting (please see under ‘New Business’ below).
PDC Web Site.  Michael Bradford sent an announcement to HULINFO to announce the new portion of the PDC Web site on professional development links.  He has received positive feedback including people sending additional links to add.  One suggestion, which the PDC will consider further, was a separate list of organizations with conference dates as an alternative to searching for them on the calendar.  Michael is exploring different ways to organize the calendar information and is keeping track of announcements on e-mail lists. 
Rights and Responsibilities Committee 
The Committee met on February 26.  The next R&R meeting is March 8.
Records Management Program.  The Records Management program will take place on March 22, 2:00-3:30, in the Lamont Forum Room.
Archives/Special Collections.  This program will be scheduled for June, with the location yet to be determined; the subcommittee is considering Houghton or the Radcliffe Gym.
Hilles Program.  Heather Cole has suggested the first week of October for the Hilles Program.  Participants in the program will include Marylene Altieri from the Schlesinger Library and Allen Bourque from Cabot Library, and Marylene, Heather, and Allen will meet in the summer to plan the program.  They will try to find appropriate space at Hilles for the program, such as the penthouse (StudentOrganizationCenter), the reading room, or the cinema. 

New Business
Change of Date for Dan Moriarty talk
Donna reported on her communications with Dan Moriarty’s office to arrange for his participation in the Scholarly Communications Program.  April 11 is the date when Dan, Sid Verba, and the Lamont Forum Room were all available, so the Program has been set for April 11 from 12:00-1:30.  Donna has composed a letter to Dan thanking him and summarizing the goals for the program; she circulated the letter to LAEC at the meeting.
Action: Donna will send the letter to Dan on letterhead.


Old Business

Letter on Proposed Committee Structure
Alix has drafted a letter to Sid Verba expressing recommendations for the Librarians’ Assembly placement in the new proposed committee structure.  She circulated the draft to LAEC members prior to the meeting.  There was much discussion in the meeting of ideas on the Committee’s placement.  The meeting decided to develop two recommendations:
1.  On the committee page, recommend to place the Librarians’ Assembly as its own branch in the structure, with LAEC and each working group as separate sub-branches.
2.  On the HUL Staff Resources page, recommend to add an entry for the Librarians Assembly with a note about its placement in relation to the Bryant Fellowship.
Action: Alix is circulating a new draft by e-mail for comments and final decisions on structure from LAEC members.

Benefits Committee – Memo to Steve Marley
Donna researched the bylaws and found that the bylaws are silent on committee member service for consecutive terms.  Given Steve’s interest in serving for another term, Donna will draft and send a letter to Steve inviting him to a continued relationship with the Benefits Committee and providing him with the option of serving an additional term. 
Action:  Donna will draft and send the letter.


Nominating Committee
Craig Thomas is chairing the Nominating Committee for LAEC.  Members of the Committee are Karen Carlson Young, Patty Hatch, Jay Hurd, and Mary Van Winkle.  It was noted that in this way HCL, HUL, OIS, Cataloging, IT, Preservations, and Acquisitions are all represented in the Committee.  They are meeting to review the electoral process and to draft a HULINFO message to solicit candidates before the end of March.

Next LAEC meeting will be Thursday, April 12, 12:00-2:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Kristin Stoklosa
March 15, 2007