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Executive Committee

Minutes of the Meeting, Thursday, March 13, 2008, Widener Room G-55, 12 noon-2 p.m.

Elected Members Present: Karen Carlson Young (Chair); Marty Schreiner (Co-Chair); Kristin Stoklosa, Craig Thomas, Erin Wise (Members-at-Large)

Committee Chairs Present: Kevin Lau (Ben-Com); Mindy Kent (Com-Com); Michael Bradford, Jennifer Beauregard (PDC)

Members not Present: Kim Dulin (Member-at-Large); Candy Feldt (Ben-Com); Reed Lowrie (Com-Com); Tim Driscoll, Liza Vick (R&R)

Approval of Minutes: The Committee approved the minutes from the meeting of February 11, 2008 as received.

Committee Reports:


The Committee will discuss plans for next year at their upcoming meeting. Topics will include drafting a list of possible topics; co-chair and member replacements; and administration of the iSite.

A spring brown-bag is planned for Monday April  28th at Lamont, 12-1:30. Bill Snell, from Harvardís Will Power & Trust program, will be discussing wills, power of attorney, and healthcare proxies.

Action: Karen will ask Wadsworth House about provisions for parking for guest speakers.

A suggestion of one-year co-chair terms was made to allow for staggering of co-chair terms.

Update on the topic of no-show members: According to the By-laws, after three no-shows, the member is officially no longer a member of the committee. We could explain this policy at the Orientation meetings in September.

The idea of asking Ben-Com members if they feel engaged in the Committee was discussed: what improvements can be made for next wear to make membership worthwhile?


There will be an informal brownbag on Tuesday April 29th at Schlesinger. It was felt two hours was too long, and will be limited to 1-1 Ĺ hours. Speakers TBA.

The ice cream social will probably take place the first week of June.

One invitee attended the Formal Luncheon in February; three are slated to attend the one in March.

Memorial Hall Tour:  Two tours on April 2. Raymond Traetti will lead the tour. People from last yearís waiting list will be contacted first, followed by a HULINFO message for the remaining slots. A lottery will probably take place to determine the remaining slots.


There were two winners of the Bryant Fellowship out of five applications. The names will be given to Wadsworth House.

Results of the PDC poll are still being analyzed.

Erin Wise is the liaison for the upcoming Baker Tour (which will take place mid-April).

Web 2.0 and libraries is a possible program topic. Enrique Diaz (Designer/Multimedia Specialist for HCL Office of the Librarian) has been invited to speak. This may be a fall program.

The Bryant Lecture will take place Thursday. May 1 3-4 pm at Lamont. HURA members will also be invited.

HD tours: Two are possible depending upon interest. June 18 is a possible date. Tom Schneider and Barbara Graham would like attendees to clear the time off with their supervisors. Wadsworth House will coordinate who will attend. In the interests of fairness, they do not wish for there to be too many people from any one library. Each tour will have a maximum of 20 people. Preferred staff will either be involved with HD-related work, or people who have never taken the tour. Based upon the above criteria, the ULC will selectively invite people to take the tour. There will therefore be no HULINFO message. The PDC is not involved with any of this. As a response, Michael drafted a Memorandum to ULC: the PDC will be relinquishing its involvement in organizing future HD tours to the ULC. The memorandum included suggestions for administering the tours, and also noted the great interest on the part of library staff in taking part in such tours as revealed by the PDC Programming Interest Poll.


The Reading Room Security program was well attended.

The Katrina program will take place on Wednesday April 16 12-1:30 at Lamont.

The Hilles program will take place next year.

Ongoing Business:

Spring Librariansí Assembly:

The speakers will be: Barbara Esty (Baker Curriculum Services); Susan Gilroy and Karen Heath (Writing Program); and Robert Darnton.

The Law School may be a possible venue for the event (TBA). We need to make sure the event can be recorded.

Action: Erin and Marty will ask the speakers for a synopsis of what they plan to talk about.

Action: Ask the speakers if they would like to meet with each other and/or with the LAEC ahead of time, with the idea of promoting a consistent and concrete theme on the topic of collaboration. We will respectively allot each 20 minutes to allow time for discussion afterwards.

Action: Karen will add the event to the HUL Calendar.

We should know a little more about the specifics of what they will speak and base the title of the program on the common theme.

Should we have a moderator frame appropriate questions for the speakers?

New Business:

Marty is the Chair of the Nominating Committee. The other members are: Tim Driscoll, Beata Panagopoulos, and Gloria Korsman.

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 10, Widener Room G-55 12 noon-2 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Craig Thomas