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Minutes of the Executive Committee

Librarians’ Assembly
Executive Committee

Meeting, November 17, 2005

Elected Members Present: Alix Reiskind (chair), Donna Koepp (vice-chair), Amira Aaron, Karen Carlson Young, Jane Hedberg (recording secretary).
Committee Chairs Present: Jason Pannone and Jennifer Jacobsen for Communications and Orientation, Craig Thomas for Professional Development, Patty Hatch and Elizabeth McKeigue for Rights and Responsibilities.
Absent: Dana Mastroianni, Ann Robinson, Brad Schaffner.

Committee Action Items

Benefits Committee
Benefits is losing two members, including the chair.
Action: Alix Reiskind will put out a request for volunteers.
Action: Benefits will move its December meeting because it conflicts with the Fall Assembly meeting.

Communications and Orientation Committee
Murder-at-Harvard and the Librarians’ Lunch were successful.
Action: Jason Pannone and Jennifer Jacobsen will send thank you notes to Melissa Banta, Eric Stange and Wadsworth House for their work on Murder-at-Harvard.
Action: Jason and Jennifer will look for a one-page description of Librarians’ Assembly to put on the website and to handout at the December Assembly.

Professional Development Committee
Committee website is partially updated.
Action: PDC will update and consolidate the information about the Bryant Fellowship from the HUL and PDC pages.
Action: Ines Zalduendo or Andrea Schulman will announce a Bryant Fellowship informational brown bag lunch for January 11, 2006 in the Lamont Forum Room.
Action: Craig will announce that the handouts from the Blogging brown bag lunch are available online and request ideas for future programs or brown bags.

Rights and Responsibilities Committee
The Patron Privacy program is on hold. Barbara Mitchell had to cancel her brown bag lunch about her Bryant-sponsored research.
Action: R&R will develop a topic and plan another brown bag lunch for early January 2006.
Action: R&R will investigate policy documents from non-Harvard websites that might be useful for Harvard librarians.
Action: R&R will develop new ideas for a spring program.

Baker Library Tour
Cathy Moody at Baker has been designated to work on a tour for early 2006.
Action: Communications and Orientation will consider doing the publicity and attendance for the tour and keep the PDC informed.

Fall Assembly

The original date selected for the Fall Assembly conflicted with the HCL Holiday Party, so the Assembly has been moved to Thursday, December 15th from 3:30-5 P.M. in the Lamont Forum Room.
Action: Alix Reiskind will contact the speakers to make sure they can switch dates.

Wadsworth House had a number of comments about speaker selection. Patty Hatch suggested a slide show illustrating how librarianship has changed in recent decades would be a good way to begin this program.
Action: Alix will contact additional speakers to arrange for their participation.
Action: Alix will arrange for a meeting of all the panelists to discuss the program.
Action: Patty Hatch will send Alix a list of questions about changing library science education that were developed by the R&R.
Action: Craig Thomas will develop a list of continuing education and degree-program possibilities.
Action: Donna Koepp will meet with Elizabeth Johnson in the HCL Director’s Office to synchronize calendars.

Future Program Ideas
How can the LAEC identify program ideas that will meet the needs of Harvard’s librarians? Several suggestions emerged from the discussion, including a virtual suggestion box on the website and a real suggestion box at the Fall Assembly.


Amira Aaron can arrange to set-up iSites pages for LAEC internal communications. This could simplify calendaring for the EC and the committees. Members of the LAEC will be owners and Committee members will be viewers.
Action: Amira will arrange a training session.
Action: LAEC members should send Amira their HU ID numbers, so she can authorize access.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Hedberg, November 22, 2005