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Executive Committee

Minutes of the Meeting, Thursday, November 8, 2007, Room Widener G-55, 12 noon-2 p.m.


Elected Members Present: Karen Carlson Young (Chair); Marty Schreiner (Vice-Chair); Kim Dulin, Craig Thomas, Erin Wise (Members-at-Large)


Committee Chairs Present: Candy Feldt, Kevin Lau (Ben-Com); Mindy Kent (Com-Com); Jennifer Beauregard (PDC); Liza Vick (R&R)


Members not Present: Kristin Stoklosa (Members-at-Large); Reed Lowrie (Com-Com); Michael Bradford (PDC); Tim Driscoll (R&R)


Approval of Minutes: The Committee approved the minutes from the meeting of October 7, 2007.


Committee Reports:




The HULINFO announcement for the upcoming November 14 brown-bag presentation has been sent out. BenCom will provide lunch for the presenters, Melissa Brown and Linda Nolan. Ben-Com chose a table format for the presentation. They will also give attendees a survey of three questions for feedback after the presentation.


The Mac facilities tour will take place in January, date TBA.




Two new librarians attended the Librarians’ Luncheon upon invitation by Com-Com. (Extra seats at the monthly Librarians’ Luncheon are provided to Com-Com for new librarians). The next one is on December 12.


The brown-bag luncheon took place on November 11 at Wadsworth House. Four librarians from Harvard spoke and described their positions. There were 25 attendees. The idea of hosting future luncheons in different locations was suggested.


Com-Com is considering a tour of the Boat House, as well as many other possible tours.




Marilyn Morgan from PDC has agreed to serve on the Bryant Fellowship Jury.


There is no word yet from Wadsworth concerning an HD tour.


Erin will act as liaison between the PDC and the Baker Tour Committee. PDC would like to have organize a spring tour of the library.


One idea for a presentation is Gaming and Libraries to coincide with an upcoming Gaming Conference. There is an employee at Harvard who may make a suitable speaker.


A spring program on archiving blogs is being planned.


                Isites: PDC members have expressed interest in iSites training for all members. They will contact Noah Selsby. One of the instructional rooms at Lamont may be a good location for training.


The idea was also discussed of having a brown-bag lunch on iSites open to the larger Harvard community. Permissions could be a problem for people who are considered “participants” rather than “owners.” It could be set up as an RSVP event, perhaps in multiple sessions in the instructional rooms.


Action: Michael and Jen will contact Noah.




A revised draft of the Committee Charge was proposed. Liza wondered if LAEC approval was needed to alter the charge. Two drafts were presented, one of which was preferred.


Action: Karen will check the By-Laws concerning procedures for altering the charge of a Committee.


R&R will meet November 16th to narrow the list of ideas for upcoming presentations.


New Business:


iSites Training: See discussion under PDC.


Old Business:


Ex-Officio Member Appointed to Benefits Committee: Steve Marley accepted Karen’s invitation to serve as Ex-Officio member of Ben-Com and longer has to volunteer to serve.


The question was raised whether HR will provide a replacement to serve as Ex-Officio member of Ben-Com should Steve leave in the future.


Fall Assembly: The Fall Assembly was well-attended. Robert Darnton gave a very interesting and well-received lecture. Karen sent Robert a thank-you note and asked if he would meet with the LAEC. He has agreed. January might be a possibility. We need to decide what we specifically wish to discuss with him. A cd-rom of his talk will go into the Archives.


Task Force on Discovery and Metadata Final Report: Karen proposed the idea of co-sponsoring an event in addition to the planned official forum on the report (date of the latter TBA). Craig mentioned the upcoming Cataloging Discussion Group meeting on December 3 devoted to the Report.


Action: Karen will contact Wadsworth House concerning plans for an official forum.


Next Meeting: Thursday, December 6, 12 noon-1 p.m., Merritt Room, Loeb Music Library.


Respectfully submitted,


Craig Thomas

(corrected 1/8/08)