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Minutes of the Executive Committee

Librarians’ Assembly
Executive Committee

Meeting, October 5, 2005

Elected Members Present: Alix Reiskind (chair), Donna Koepp (vice-chair), Brad Schaffner, Karen Carlson Young, Jane Hedberg (recording secretary).
Committee Chairs Present: Dana Mastroianni for Benefits, Jason Panone and Jennifer Jacobsen for Communications and Orientation, Craig Thomas and Ann Robinson for Professional Development, Patty Hatch and Elizabeth McKeigue for Rights and Responsibilities.
Absent: Amira Aaron.

The meeting began with a request that committees submit reports about their activities electronically before LAEC meetings and only move action items forward during the meetings.

Alix Reiskind reported that she and Donna Koepp are planning to meet with Barbara Graham and Dana Hanify monthly.

Committee Reports

The Benefits Committee fall program, a basic overview of benefits at Harvard, will be held on October 13th. This accidentally conflicts with the Jewish holiday, and the committee will try to avoid such conflicts in the future.
At their first committee meeting this year, members discussed the September LA orientation program. Reaction was positive but they suggested having two orientations, one for chairs and one for all committee members.

Communications and Orientation
The Communications and Orientation Committee is planning five formal librarians’ lunches for new hires, and two informal brown bag lunches for all librarians this year. They have planned a brown bag lunch on Halloween for a showing of the documentary, Murder at Harvard. They are also considering a brown bag lunch about sports at Harvard.
Committee members are discussing ways to use the LA website to communicate information useful for people new to Harvard.

Action: Murder at Harvard Brown Bag approved. Confirm arrangements and submit announcement to Peter Kosewski for approval.
Action: Sports at Harvard tentatively approved. Planning should continue.
Action: Alix Reiskind will check with Peter Kosewski about augmenting the LA website.

Professional Development
Craig Thomas proposed several program ideas on behalf of the PDC: blogging, D-space, getting to know your PC, and an HD tour. There was some discussion about the high interest in these topics and whether one of them could be used for a full Assembly meeting. The PDC was commended for generating such good ideas.
PDC is also interested in adding content to the website, particularly information or hand-outs from programs.

Action: Refine ideas for next PD program, possibly to be held in mid-November.

Rights and Responsibilities
The Rights and Responsibilities Committee is reviewing where it is and whether they should change their focus. They are considering a lunch lecture for the end of November.

Action: Review possible program topics and speakers and submit them to LAEC chair for advice on feasibility.

New Business

Alix Reiskind has updated the committee membership lists on the web. Committee minutes are to be submitted to Alix and Dana Mastroianni. Jason Panone volunteered to assist in managing the addition of new material.

Meetings for the fall semester were set for:
Thursday, October 27
Thursday, November 17
Thursday, December 1

Action: Alix Reiskind will confirm times.
Action: Patty Hatch will check on availability of OIS 205B

Fall Assembly

Action: All members should discuss and help refine the Fall Assembly topic by email.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Hedberg, October 20, 2005