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Minutes of the Executive Committee

Librarians’ Assembly
Executive Committee

Meeting, October 12, 2006

Elected Members Present: Donna Koepp (chair), Karen Carlson Young (co-vice chair), Alix Reiskind (minutes), Kristin Stoklosa, Craig Thomas
Committee Chairs Present: Jen Lyons for Benefits, Jenn Jacobsen and Jason Pannone for Communications and Orientation, Ann Robinson and Michael Bradford for Professional Development, Erin Wise for Rights and Responsibilities.

Committee Reports

Benefits Committee
The committee announced their poll on HULINFO to determine program interests on Oct. 2nd.  The poll will close tomorrow, Oct. 13th -- Jen Lyons will send a reminder to colleagues to fill out the Benefits Poll on HULINFO today.  They will discuss the poll results at their next meeting, Nov. 16th.  The committee will be hosting a program, “Investment Allocation (Basics of Investing)” on Thursday, Nov. 2nd from 3.30p – 5p in the Lamont Forum Room.  The program will feature a speaker from TIAA-CREF, Anne Kuuskvere.  This program has been opened up to include library staff members’ spouses, partners or other family members.  They are using iCommons to take a head count for this program and will hand out a feedback form for attendees to fill out after the program. 
Action:  Reminder about the Benefits Poll.
Action:  Announce Nov. 2nd program on HULINFO.

Communications and Orientation Committee
Jason Pannone reported on the committee’s last meeting and reviewed their upcoming plans.  These include:  touching base with Baker Library about a future tour; continuing work on the website; planning an informal lunch for sometime between Nov 10th and Thanksgiving; discussed the possibility of a Lamont Library tour; and a possible Memorial Hall Tour – lesser known spots in the building.
Action:  Further research of these ideas.

Professional Development Committee
Ann Robinson reported that they have three new members.  Michael Austin and Ines Zalduendo will serve on the Bryant Fellowship Committee this year.  PDC sponsored Dale Flecker’s Google talk on Oct. 5th in Science Center C; the turnout was very good with the room almost full.  Future program ideas include:  re-scheduling the co-sponsored program with HURA from last spring (cancelled due to illness); beginning a series of talks by past Bryant Fellowship recipients beginning with one by Barbara Mitchell in November entitled Boston and Cambridge Libraries, 1850-1875:  A Study in Social, Cultural, and Technological Transformation; possible spring program featuring Sid Berger from Simmons to talk about other book digitization projects; and an idea for a panel discussion of technology related topics.  Michael Bradford added a list of professional development links to the PDC website and has reorganized the file structure – no more frames.
Action:  Solidify date for Bryant presentation by Mitchell.

Rights and Responsibilities Committee

Erin Wise reported that the R&R committee had a brainstorming meeting.  Future program ideas include:  continuing their lunch series of staff presentations on current activities; presentation on HBS Working Knowledge; program on special collections; program on Scholarly Communication; a history of Hilles and its collections; librarians in New Orleans and what type of aid Harvard librarians were involved in; and a reprise of last year’s Records Management presentation. 
Action:  Further research of these ideas.


New Business

Amira Aaron, an elected member-at-large and the co-vice chair, is leaving Harvard.  We are very sad to see Amira go as she has been a valuable asset to the committee and to Librarians’ Assembly.  In this situation the by-laws direct the chair to appoint someone to the vacant position.  Donna Koepp appointed Patty Hatch to this position.  She will serve the remaining 2 years of the term and serve as co-vice chair.  Patty will also serve as the liaison to the Communications and Orientation Committee.

Donna Koepp plans on appointing a recording secretary to LAEC soon.

Donna Koepp and Alix Reiskind met with Barbara Graham and Dana Hanify of Wadsworth House on October 10.  They discussed planning for the Fall Librarians’ Assembly program.  They are currently firming up an outside speaker and investigating locations.
Action:  Karen Carlson Young will investigate venues at the GraduateSchool of Education.

Established meeting schedule for LAEC.  Meetings will be held the 2nd Thursday of every month from 12p – 2p, at 90 Mt. Auburn Street, Rm. 007.
Action:  Donna Koepp will send out a list of meetings.

Donna Koepp reminded LAEC to consult the LAEC calendar of annual responsibilities periodically to ensure all tasks are covered.

Donna Koepp and Karen Carlson Young introduced an idea for a program to follow-up on the Librarians’ Assembly’s Fall Program.  Kristin Stoklosa suggested creating a survey to give attendees at the fall program as a way for us to gain feedback.

Donna Koepp and Karen Carlson Young also presented an idea for Communications and Orientation of producing a print handout for new hires.  A brief discussion of what people had received when they were newly hired ensued.
Action:  Further discussion and possible research by Communications and Orientation.

Jenn Jacobsen and Alix Reiskind suggested more standardized record management for LAEC.  This could include guidelines and a calendar of what needs to be deposited into the Archives and when.

Old Business

There will be an iSite training for standing committee members and LAEC members on October 18.  Noah Sellsby from iCommons will be teaching the training.

Donna Koepp offered to enter program dates in iSite so everyone can see them.

Next LAEC meeting will be November 9.

Respectfully submitted,
Alix Reiskind, October 30, 2006