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Past Recipients of the
Douglas W. Bryant Fellowship


Pao-liang Chu, Harvard-Yenching Library
Work on 20th century Chinese writers

William S. Johnson, Fine Arts Library
(Bibliography on the history of photography)


Barbara Haber, Schlesinger Library
(Bibliography of American women, 1963-1976)

Virginia L. Smyers, Houghton Library
(Dorothy Richardson checklist)


Maury Feld, CFIA Library
(Work on printed books and secularization of authority in Early Modern Europe)


Kenneth E. Carpenter, Baker Library
Catalog of exhibition on "Dialogue in Political Economy"
Translation from and into German in the Eighteenth Century

Rosemary Herbert, College Library
(Bibliography of impact of publishing on science fiction)

Nancy J. Schmidt, Tozzer Library
(Bibliography of children's books on Africa and their authors)

Fawzi Abdulrazak, College Library
(Bibliography of Arabic literary works published in the Americas, 1886- )

Jane Block, Loeb Library
(Monograph on George's Lemmen)

Maury Feld, Littauer Library
(Study of Renaissance humanism and some 15th century printers' choice of texts)

Barbara Haber, Schlesinger Library
(Extension of bibliography on American women)

Karin Wetmore, Tozzer Library
(Work on two American psychologists)


Fawzi Abdulrazak, College Library
(Continuation of bibliography of Arabic literary works published in the Americas, 1886- )

Hugh Amory, College Library
(Four projects: bibliography of Richard Ames; bibliography of 19th century autograph dealer catalogues; bibliography of Samuel Paterson; catalogue of the Hyde Fielding Collection)

Pao-liang Chu, Harvard-Yenching Library
(Supplement to 20th century Chinese writers and their pen names)

Philip B. Eppard, Andover-Harvard Library
(Work on John O-Hara reference guide)

Helene Roberts, Fine Arts Library
(Project on journalism and the Victorian art world)


Maury Feld, College Library
(Printing and humanism in the early Renaissance)

Julian Green, Geological Sciences Library
(Preparation of a bibliography of New England geology)

Jon Lanham, College Library
(Editing the essay volume of the collected works of W.B. Yeats)


Anne Anninger, Houghton Library
(Work on early Portuguese printers and their use of French typographic ornaments)

Joy Medley, Kennedy School of Government Library
(Comparative evaluation of online bibliographic databases in the political sciences)


Geraldine C. Kaye, Farlow Reference Library
(Biographical notes for Cryptogamic botanists: a computerized file)

Richard Swedberg, College Library
(Honduras research guide and bibliography)

Roger S. Wieck, Houghton Library
(Simon Marmion's illustrations to the Visio Tundali)


Eva Jonas, Museum of Comparative Zoology Library
(Work on using the Zoological Record)

John N. Weeks, Tozzer Library
(Descriptive bibliography of the Gates collection of manuscripts relating to Middle American Indian linguistics)


Maija Lutz, Tozzer Library
(Bibliography on ethnographic fieldwork)

Clark Elliott, University Archives
(Census and bibliographical index of American scientists deceased before 1941)


Alice Deyab, College Library
(Preparation of a bibliographic guide to Arab women's publications from 1892 to 1986)

Linda Ellis, Tozzer Library
(Work on a guide and index to the personal papers of the Ukrainian archaeologist Jaroslav Pasternak)


Kenneth E. Carpenter, University Library
(Bibliography of translations of economic literature before 1850)

Heather Munro, Kummel Geological Library
(To organize Gardner collection of photographs)


Maury Feld, Littauer Library
(Research in the Vatican Archives as part of his long-term investigation of the origins of scholarly printing)

Kathleen Hunter, College Library
(Research on an annotated bibliography of materials having to do with Gypsies)

David Cleary, Biological Laboratories Library
(Completing of a piano sonata, transcription of a fair copy of the score, and transcriptions)


Edward E. Rosser, Gutman Library
(Produce tape of Paine's music)

Martin Max Schreiner, Morse Music Library
(Produce score)

John B. Howard, Loeb Music Library
(Bibliographical research on Lully's opera Alceste)


Melissa Banta, Fine Arts Library
(Film documentary on the murder of George Parkman)

Barbara Halporn, College Library
(The World of John Amerbach: Early Printing in its Social Context)

Michael Blake, Cabot Science Library
(Bibliography of fly fishing)


Anne Anninger, College Library
(Research on French 19th century illustration)


Virginia Danielson, Loeb Music Library
(Voice of Egypt: Umm Kulthum, Arabic Song and Egyptian Society in the 20th century)


Hugh Olmsted, College Library
(A bibliography of bibliographies and other prime reference sources in Russian studies)


Kenneth E. Carpenter, University Library
(Research on Women as library users and library creators)


Karen Nipps, Houghton Library
(Lydia R. Bailey: a checklist of her imprints, 1808-1861)

Katherine Martinez, Fine Arts Library
(Visual Culture at Home and the Picture Trade in America, 1870-1920)


Brian Sullivan, Harvard University Archives
(The Transcription of the Journal of John Langdon Sibley)


Judy Greene, Harvard-Yenching Library and Visual Collections, Fine Arts Library
(The Life and Career of African-American architect Thomas Wilson Boyde, Jr.)


Dennis C. Marnon, Administrative Officer, Houghton Library
(Transcription and Publication of Charles Olson's Research Notes on Herman Melville's Life and Works)


Kathryn Allamong Jacob, Schlesinger Library
(Biography of late nineteenth-century Washington lobbyist Sam Ward)

Michael P. Olson, College Library
(History of two leading libraries in Germany since reunification in 1989-1990)

Irina Tarsis, Houghton Library
(Research on the life and career of book dealer Israel Perlstein (1897-1975))


Jan Voogd, Social Sciences Program, Harvard College Library
(Research on the Red Summer Riots of 1919)

Nongji Zhang, Harvard Law School Library
(Legal theory and bibliography on 20th-century Chinese jurists and jurisprudence)

Ernest A. Zitser, Slavic Division, Widener Library, Harvard College Library
(Translation and annotation of the 18th-century autobiography of Prince Boris Ivanovich Koribut-Kurkain)


Caroline Duroselle-Melish, Printing and Graphic Arts, Houghton Library, Harvard College Library
(Scientific Illustrations of Monsters in Early Modern Europe)

Susan Halpert, Public Services, Houghton Library, Harvard College Library
(Melesinda Munbee's Miscellany)

Barbara Mitchell, Public Services, Frances Loeb Library, Harvard Design School
(Boston and Cambridge Libraries, 1850-1875: A Study in Social, Cultural, and Technological Transformation)


Ksenya Kiebuzinski, Petro Jacyk Bibliographer
Ukrainian Research Institute, Slavic Division
Widener Library, Harvard College Library
(Slavic Encounters on the Parisian Stage, 1871-1905)

Irina Klyagin, Project Archivist
Harvard Theatre Collection, Houghton Library, Harvard College Library
(Lyubov Mendeleeva-Blok: A Biography)

Ann E. Robinson, Science Reference and Interlibrary Loan Librarian
Cabot Science Library, Harvard College Library
(The Transfermium Wars: IUPAC and the Discovery and Naming of the Transfermium Elements, 1974-2004)

David R. Whitesell, Rare Book Cataloger
Houghton Library, Harvard College Library
(Pre-1764 Harvard Library Volumes at Allegheny College)


Marilyn Morgan, Manuscript Cataloger
Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute
(Changing Channels: Money, the Media, Sport, and Gender Identity, 1900-1936)

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