Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

September 12, 2000

Present: Karen Nipps (Chair), Jeffrey Bernhard, Malcolm Hamilton, Peter Cohn, Kazuko Sakaguchi

Absent: Janet Rutan, Hugh Olmsted, Kevin Lau

The meeting began with introductions.

The membership of this year's committee are:

It was announced that Stephanie Burke, who was to also be a member, had just taken a new position at BU. Karen will contact Amy Kautzman about finding another volunteer. (She has since been replaced with Hilde De Weerdt.)

Programs of the past year and pending were discussed. Thanks to the summertime efforts of Malcolm Hamilton, two programs are already in the works. On Oct. 19, Dr. Massimo Ceresa of the Vatican Library will be presenting a slide lecture entitled The Vatican Library, 1450-2000 in the Lamont Forum Room. Karen will see to publicizing this on the web and in Library Notes. The room has already been booked. Karen will see to the refreshments.

The other program being planned is one on project planning. This subject arose from concerns of the OIS about the quality of LDI project proposals. Wendy Gogol, Malcolm, and Karen will be meeting with Joseph Turner on September 20 to discuss the idea. Turner currently offers an intensive workshop on the subject through the Office of Career and Training. It is hoped that a suitable program might be offered to Harvard librarians some time in the fall.

The committee then discussed other ideas. Among them were one of librarians who volunteer - their work and how others might get involved. Since IFLA will be in Boston in 2000, a program is being considered that would involve the Harvard librarians involved in those arrangements, again with the eye to finding ways for others to get involved if interested. The program discussed last year focusing on the Preservation Center's current activities have been halted, since the Center will be doing regular tours itself of both their Holyoke Center facilities and the Widener labs in the near future. Mentoring and career paths were two other ideas for programs discussed. At the next meeting, these and any other ideas will be considered in more detail.

The Bryant Fellowship was discussed. Karen will make sure that the brief notice that usually appears in the October issue of Library Notes gets included.

The schedule for this year's meetings was drawn up. It was decided that these would be on the third Wednesday of every month at 3:30, the dates being:

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