Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

October 25, 2000

Present: Karen Nipps (Chair), Peter Cohn (Minutes), Hilde De Weerdt, Hugh Olmsted, Kevin Lau, Kazuko Sakaguchi, Anne Tanguay

Absent: Jeffrey Bernhard, Malcolm Hamilton

I. Minutes

The minutes were approved with a correction. Hugh did not agree to chair the Bryant Fellowship Committee.
Everyone present agreed that our minutes should be posted on the web only after approval.

II. Programs

--Vatican Talk
Karen agreed to send a thank you card to Dr. Ceresa.

--Project Planning Program
The ULC is going to take over organizing the Project Planning Program with Joseph Turner. Given the narrower focus, and the fact that managers in individual units will be designating attendees, this program seems out of our purview.
We briefly discussed whether or not we would want to plan a session on a similar topic for the wider community. We all agreed that this wasn't necessary.

--Preservation Program
The Preservation Center would like us to loan our name as a cosponsor of the workshop Water Water Everywhere. They don't need us to do any work for this but would like us to contribute some money to offset refreshment expenses. All present supported lending our name, and, if possible, contributing some money.

Karen will contact Malcolm to see if there is any money that we can contribute.

General Professional Development Issues

We started to talk about the Bryant Fellowship but moved into an interesting discussion of some other professional development issues and our committee's role in them.

Kasuko noted that there are many resources that would be of professional interest to librarians that don't seem to be readily available. We specifically discussed Library Literature and Library and Information Science Abstracts. (Note: LISA is available in print at Widener, Library Literature is available via FirstSearch within some subscribing HCL libraries. )

These seem like resources that, if available on HOLLIS, would be useful for librarians in their work and for their own research. We wondered if it would be appropriate for us as a committee concerned with professional development to advocate the purchase of these for HOLLIS. Malcolm would be a good person to ask about this.

Karen will discuss this with Malcolm and report back to the committee. Someone else on the committee will then pursue through the appropriate channel.

The issue of support for professional research that is more job-related also arose. Are there funding sources similar to the Bryant Fellowship that can be used for projects that are more directly job related (i.e. publishing research in journals, etc.)? We discussed the feasibility of setting a fund up for this. We would need to find the funding source (not easy) and really articulate the difference between this award and the Bryant Fund. There may already be resources out there that library staff could apply to. We may be able to identify these sources and publicize them on our web page.

We will think about these 2 ideas (creating an award and identifying/publicizing funding sources.)

Bryant Fellowship

Kevin volunteered to chair the award committee this year. He will start the process of:

  • Building a committee.
  • Publishing the full notice and application instructions in Library Notes.
  • Updating the notice on our web site.
We set the award application deadline for Friday February 16, 2001. We need to plan a brown bag with previous award recipients.
We will discuss the brown bag at our next meeting.

Web Site:

Kevin has done a lot of work on our web site. The committee should take a look at it and send him suggestions for additions etc. We can also look at other web sites to get ideas of links to add. We decided as a matter of policy that we will decide as a committee on what links should be added to the page.

We should all look at our web page and think about useful enhancements that could be made to it.

Other Business:

Do we as a committee want to do anything related to the upcoming IFLA conference in Boston? One possibility would be to have a panel discussion of Harvard librarians who are helping to plan the conference.

Ideas for Future Programs

Kevin suggested a tour of the Warren Museum at the Medical School. Everyone thought this sounded interesting but we weren't sure how this would relate to professional development. One thought is to have a series of visits to different Harvard collections. This would fit nicely into such a series.

Kevin will talk with the person (Ginny Hunt) who usually conducts these tours to see if she could frame it in a professional development context.

Other ideas for programs:

  • A program on career paths or on using library skills in a non-librarian career.
  • Mentoring
  • Open House for networking.
Next meeting November 15 3:30 pm at Countway.

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