Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

November 15, 2000

Present: Karen Nipps (Chair), Peter Cohn, Hilde De Weerdt, Kevin Lau, Kazuko Sakaguchi, Anne Tanguay

Absent: Jeffrey Bernhard, Hugh Olmsted, Malcolm Hamilton

Minutes from the October 25th meeting were approved with minor corrections.

Librarian's Assembly Fall Program
Committee members who attended commented favorably on Ken Carpenter's talk.

Preservation Program
$200 from the Professional Development Committee budget has been approved to support the December 1st program, Water Water Everywhere, co-sponsored by the Preservation Center.

Bryant Fellowship
Kevin reports that Brian Sullivan, last year's winner, has agreed to serve on the jury with Kevin. Kazuko and Hilde have both volunteered to serve as jurors, as well. Having four people as jurors, including two new members of this committee, would ensure a pool of experienced people from the committee who could serve as chair of the subgroup in the future. Kevin will check the Bryant Fellowship documentation - if nothing precludes this, four people will serve on this year's jury.

The Bryant Fellowship information has been updated on the web site. Information will go to Library Notes as soon as possible; Karen will forward to Kevin the name of the appropriate contact person.

Kevin suggested extending the deadline to February 9th in order to give enough time after the holidays for applicants to submit materials and for the group to hold a Brown Bag lunch. This would allow for a decision by mid to late March.

Website update
We agreed that all updates to the website should be approved by the committee and that written procedures beyond this are not necessary at this time. Since Kevin is leaving the committee at the end of this year, someone else will need to assume responsibility for the website next year.

Hilde has suggestions for links to professional development sites, which can be included on our website. She will send the URLs to the committee for review. We need to be careful not to duplicate links/information already on the web.

We agreed that a counter on our website might be helpful. Kevin will contact web adminstration to get approval for this.

Other Business
Kevin raised the question of the possible usefulness of a directory that identifies interests or areas of specialization of librarians in HUL. Karen will bring this to the Executive Committee.

Karen will contact Barbara Graham regarding a program focusing on the upcoming IFLA conference.

People who are interested in professional on-line resources, such as LISA, should contact Ivy Anderson.

A series of programs, which would highlight a specialized library or collection once a year, was discussed. For example, Ginny Hunt from Countway Library has a presentation on the Warren Library at Countway and is available any time after February. There was a great deal of enthusiasm for such a series and Karen will put this on the agenda for the next meeting.
There is also interest in a program, to be scheduled for late spring, on non-traditional careers for people with MLS degrees. We discussed having a panel of 3 or 4 people talk about their experiences. We would need to find ways of identifying appropriate people. Peter can contact people in NEASIS.

New Business
Karen announced that Janet Rutan has resigned from the committee. Karen will work on replacing her.

Our meeting schedule, unfortunately, conflicts with the Executive Committee. Since Karen, as chair of this committee, is a member of the EC, we need to change our meeting. The 3rd Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. (instead of current meeting schedule of 3rd Wednesday at 3:30) was good for everyone in attendance.

Next Meeting
Wednesday, December 20, 2000 at 9:30 a.m. Location - TBA.

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