Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

December 20, 2000

Present: Karen Nipps (Chair), Peter Cohn, Hilde De Weerdt, Kevin Lau (minutes), Jeffrey Bernhard, Anne Tanguay

Absent: Malcolm Hamilton, Karin Medin, Hugh Olmsted, Kazuko Sakaguchi

I. Minutes
Minutes from the November 15th meeting were approved.

It was announced that Karin Medin from the Law School will be the new member replacing Janet Rutan, who recently has to withdraw from the committee.

II. Bryant Fellowship
Kevin confirmed the Bryant Fellowship members: Hilde De Weerdt, Kevin Lau, Kazuko Sakaguchi, Brian Sullivan (last year's winner).
The notice for the Dec/Jan issue of Library Notes had been submitted to Patricia, who will forward the piece to Peter Kosewski. A Brown bag/open forum will be held on Jan. 24th (Wednesday) from noon to 1pm in the Common room of the Harvard-Yenching Library.
Kevin will be checking to promote the Bryant Grant via HUL-Info email and the Gazette.

III. Program updates
A discussion was continued from the November meeting on starting a series to showcase library special collections. Kevin confirmed that Ginny Hunt, with the Countway Rare Books department, would be more than happy to give a talk and visual presentation on the Warren Medical Museum collection.

Possible dates discussed are:

  • 3/8 - Thursday,
  • 3/12 - Monday,
  • 3/27 - Tuesday.
The idea is to keep the talk broad - covering a wide range of areas such as managing collections, access, etc. The talk will be 1.5 hours; a location for the presentation has yet to be determined.
Announcements will go out sometime in February via Library Notes, HUL-Info, the Gazette, and the committee homepage.

Another program discussed was a talk on librarians in non-traditional careers. Several members had excellent candidates to invite to participate in the talk. It was agreed that the best forum would be a panel format. An introduction of the members, 20-30 minutes total for members to talk, and then a Q/A would follow.
Peter will write out a guideline questions for all possible panel members. The target date for the forum would be sometime in late April or early May.

IV. Website update
It was agreed that Kevin should write out the process in logging into the server and any detail in updating files for the future committee members. Hilde brought with her some good website links that would be a good addition.

General Librarian Career Info Sites:

Links to job sites and continuing education programs, job hunting tips, and information on alternative careers not so useful. Grants from committees and acrl statement Career Viewpoints archive of position papers. Classified Job Postings, postings vacant from library associations' world wide including postings from Library Link members. Careers Around The World Viewpoints, a monthly feature concerning the career of the Librarian world-wide. Titles by MCB University Press in the fields of Human Resource Management; Education + Training and Information Management.


V. Other Business:
It was agreed that the meeting schedule would be change to the following:

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