Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

January 12, 2001

Present: Karen Nipps (Chair), Peter Cohn, Hilde De Weerdt, Malcolm Hamilton, Anne Tanguay

Absent: Jeffrey Bernhard, Kevin Lau, Karin Medin, Hugh Olmsted, Kazuko Sakaguchi

Minutes from the December 20th meeting were approved with the corrections suggested by the committee members present.

Bryant Fellowship
The committee discussed the need to get the announcements for the Bryant Fellowship and, particularly, the Brown Bag Lunch on hulinfo as soon as possible. Hilde will pass this information onto Kevin. It was suggested that committee members approach colleagues working on projects that might be suitable for the Fellowship and encourage them to apply.

Program updates
Karen will put together an introduction for Ginny Hunt's talk as well as an announcement. She will then pass them to the rest of the committee for approval before proceeding with other publicity.

There was a lengthy discussion about the program highlighting the work of librarians in other, less traditional, fields. A number of dynamic speakers have been approached and have agreed to participate. It was noted that a majority of these people are now involved in electronic industries and concern was voiced that this might skew the presentation. However, it was agreed that moving into information technology - in its many guises - was a natural progression for a lot of librarians who seek to move out of traditional libraries. Also, the group in itself is quite diverse and, with the right introduction, the committee agreed it would make for a very strong and interesting program.

During this discussion, other stimulating ideas for programs emerged. One was pursuing the idea of librarians who chose non-traditional paths in developing their careers to include such unusual actions as stepping down from administrative positions and returning to the front line of librarianship. Another was to have a program that discussed the value of the MLS degree in professional development, pros and cons. Given the fact that many professional librarians in the past did not have them, many support people now do, and the increased emphasis on hiring professionals only if they have one, the committee agreed that this sounded like a very good idea to pursue for the fall.

Website update
Comments were made about the professional development websites that Hilde had alerted committee members to. It was agreed that the SLA and ALA sites would be good additions to our homepage and Kevin will be approached about mounting them. 

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