Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

April 13, 2001

Present: Jeffrey Bernhard, Peter Cohn, Hilde De Weerdt, Kevin Lau, Malcolm Hamilton, Karin Medin, Karen Nipps, Kazuko Sakaguchi, Anne Tanguay

Absent: Hugh Olmsted

The Bryant Grant was successfully awarded. Thanks to those who worked intensively on that. Judy Greene, a project imager for LDI, was notified as the winner. Kevin will be sure that Jury members are invited to the May luncheon (3rd Wed or Thurs). He will also be sure the new editor of Library Notes knows to have the event advertised. He will likely want a photograph in addition to the paragraph on our website. Kevin will ask Judy if she wants slide capability since the subject of the research project is an architect this may be likely.

Ginny's talk about the Warren Museum at the Countway library went well. Karen will send Thank You's to Suzanne Fitz, Tom Horrocks and Ginny. The lecture with slides went on for an hour and a half. Suzanne provided technical comments. There were samples from the exhibit on display. Karen hopes that this talk will provide the first in a series that highlight lesser known collections. Blue Hill observatory, and the astrophysics library and observatory may be other options.

Peter spoke about the upcoming panel, our next event. He will check on the space, whether slides are needed, etc. Coffee and donuts are set. Malcolm will check on lunch, though the setting of a precedent for such gatherings may well overwhelm the funders. Karen will contact Lynne regarding microphones for panel and will formulate introductions for the panel participants.

Hilde will ask those previously awarded the Bryant fellowship for any available information (publications, etc) that have come out of the fellowship for display on our web page. Once we have information a letter will go to Charles Tannenbaum with that information.

Hugh and Kevin will be rotating off of the committee. One hole left by that will be updating the web page.

*enching as possible May meeting place. Hilde to check.

Kevin shared a concern someone had shared with him regarding the lack of a centralized fund for folks who want to do conference presentations/posters. Malcolm noted that usually it is the head librarian of individual libary who should support that. The Tannenbaum money is used for more group-oriented activities.

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