Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

May 11, 2001

Present: Karen Nipps (Chair), Peter Cohn, Hilde De Weerdt, Anne Tanguay, Jeffrey Bernhard, Karin Medin, Hugh Olmsted

Absent: Malcolm Hamilton, Kevin Lau, Kazuko Sakaguchi

Minutes from the April 13th meeting were approved.

Report on May 1st Forum
The committee discussed the success of the Forum; Karen will send thank yous out to the participants.

Bryant Grant
In Kevin’s absence, Karen reported that everything was set for the May 16 Librarian’s Lunch featuring this year’s Bryant Fellowship Award winner, Judy Greene. Karen will look into seats for committee members not already invited.

Hilde reported that the letter to send out to past recipients inviting them to post on the PDC website completed projects either partially or fully funded by the Fellowship was ready to be sent out. She will be doing this soon.

There was a discussion of the membership of next year’s committee. Hugh and Kevin are leaving. The Chair of the Executive Committee is responsible for finding replacements, but the Committee can make suggestions. Jeff agreed to update the website in the coming year. Karen asked for volunteers for Chair.

The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for June 15, 9:30 at Houghton. This may be the last meeting of this year, unless business requires a summer meeting. Respectfully submitted, Karen Nipps.

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