Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

September 18, 2001

Present: Peter Cohn (Chair, Minutes), Jeff Bernhard, Hilde deWeerdt, Manda Mahoney, Karin Medin, Karen Nipps, Alix Reiskind, Kazuko Sakaguchi

New Members: We have new 2 members on the committee this year: Manda Mahoney from Baker and Alix Reiskind from the GSD. They are replacing Kevin Lau and Hugh Olmsted.

Meeting Time
We decided to meet the third Tuesday of each month at 9:30 am.

Web Issues
Jeff still needs to get some information from Kevin so that he can access and update the Web page. Peter will send him a current member list and the minutes from our last 2 meetings to post.

New Year's Chair
Karen asked for volunteers for Chair of the PDC for the next academic year. Peter Cohn was asked to serve and he accepted.

Website Updates
Hilde reported that the invitation letter to past recipients of the Bryant Fellowship to post their projects on the website was sent out. In the course of this process she discovered that recipients’ names for three years (1990-1993) were missing. Hilde will locate the missing information and post an update on the website.

Bryant Award
Karen is chairing the Award committee this year. She's going to start the process in mid fall. Kevin gave her the information on past Bryant recipients that he had found. She's giving to Hilde.

Hilde reported that they haven't been able to locate all of the past award recipients. There are a few gaps. Karen has the names of award recipients for 1990-93 which should help. The list of past recipients will be updated on our web page.

Programs for the Year
We spent the rest of the meeting brainstorming about program ideas. We discussed a number of possible libraries to tour. We can continue to discuss this. One of the things we need to consider when selecting the library is location. We want to choose a library that is easy for most of the Library community to get to.

For a second program we are considering something on service to remote users. This would dovetail nicely with the work being done on distance education at Harvard. The program could look at reference and instruction issues, collections and licensing, technology issues, etc. There should be something of interest here for all of our colleagues.

Next meeting
Oct. 16 at 9:30. Peter will try to get a room at KSG.

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