Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

October 16, 2001

Present: Peter Cohn (Chair), Jeff Bernhard, Hilde deWeerdt, Manda Mahoney (minutes), Karin Medin, Alix Reiskind, Kazuko Sakaguchi.

Absent: Malcolm Hamilton, Karen Nipps, Anne Tanguay

Bryant Fellowsip: Detailed announcement is being prepared to go out to HUL community. Application deadline is February 15th. There will be a lunchtime forum January 23rd. Karen will send a reminder in January HUL notes.

Program Updates: The committee continued to discuss ideas for programs. Logistically, we decided that programs would be held in the Spring, and we should try to have people register so we can better plan & control the number of people in space we chose.

The discussion centered around a program for Service to Remote Users. Peter noted that there was an interest among HU for this program. (HUL felt very positive about the need for this program). We would like the program to utilize speakers from both within and outside of the Harvard community. We also plan to cover a number of different topics in remote use, so that the program will be useful to a wide and diverse library audience.

Possible subtopics:

* Virtual Reference: (Library of Congress Virtual Reference, MIT Virtual Reference)

* Licensing

* e-Reserves/ Course Support

We discussed the possibilities of contacting local academic libraries and finding out more about what types of e-initiatives they are involved in.

The Committee is also planning a program that would center on a tour of a unique library or collection. Members to report back on suggested collections next meeting.

Website Updates: Jeff has made updates to the website. Members to check that their names, titles etc are posted properly. Prof development website format will stay the same this year.

Next meeting: November 20th -- 9:30 at the Yenching Library.

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