Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

December 18, 2001

Present: Peter Cohn (Chair), Jeff Bernhard, Hilde deWeerdt, Karen Nipps, Alix Reiskind (minutes), Anne Tanguay

Absent: Manda Mahoney, Karin Medin, Kazuko Sakaguchi

Announcements: Peter Cohn announced that he is leaving the Kennedy School for a position as a reference librarian at MIT’s Rotch Library. This is his last meeting with the Professional Development Committee.

We are faced with the task of choosing a new chair, responsibilities include coordinating meetings and a monthly meeting of the executive committee for the Librarians Assembly.

Bryant Fellowship: The informational brown bag lunch has been set for Wednesday, January 23, in Taubman 401 at the Kennedy School. Karen will send out reminders via HUL Notes and HUL info. Anne Tanguay and Judy Greene will sit on the committee with Karen. The food has been ordered and will be coordinated by one of Peter’s colleagues. All committee members are encouraged to come as well as previous recipients.

Program Updates: Library Tour [May, 2002] – decision was made to pursue the tour of the Special Collections department at the Harvard Design School. Alix has contacted Mary Daniels, Special Collections Librarian, about offering a program. Topics in consideration are architecture at Harvard, how her collection is managed, or what kind of subject knowledge is necessary in managing the collection. We may have to limit the attendance. We are thinking of a program length of 1 – 1.5 hour(s).

Panel Discussion – Working title: "Remote Possibilities" [March, 2002]

Topic: Remote users and virtual learning, below is a list of possible speakers and possible subjects:

--Hilde contacted Carla Lillvik from the Graduate School of Education, they are willing to offer information on the public services/reference component they deal with, i.e. traditional library services in a virtual setting.

--Hilde also spoke with Ivy Anderson, the Digital Library Program’s Coordinator for Digital Acquisitions. Her presentation could cover elements of the following topics: licensing and how those issues will play into the future of distance learning, as well as the future of licensing.

--Karen contacted Robin McElheny who is willing to talk about Harvard’s venture in distance learning, gearing it towards serving people outside of Harvard.

--Peter spoke with Pat Flanagan from MIT about speaking on the topic of virtual reference.

--Manda is coordinating a speaker from the Harvard Business School to cover the topic of course support and courseware.

Tentative time plans: 10-15 minutes/speaker; total program time: 1.5 hours; working date: March 19, 2002, 10-11:30am.

To do:

  1. Find out if people are available.
  2. Come up with topics/broad questions for speakers.

Create a program, bios for speakers, handouts, maybe a paragraph describing the program on HUL Info.

Next meeting: January 15, 2002 in the Harvard-Yenching Common Room.

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