Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

January 15, 2002

Present: Hilde deWeerdt (Chair), Karen Nipps (Minutes), Alix Reiskind, Kazuko Sakaguchi

Announcements: The Minutes from the December 18, 2001 meeting were approved with changes made. Alix will see that Jeff mounts them on the Web.

Hilde will contact Ethel Hellman, Chair of this year’s LA Executive Committee, about getting a replacement to fill Peter’s slot on the committee.Bryant Fellowship: 

The Byrant Brown Bag lunch, scheduled for January 23, is all set. Karen will send out a reminder on hulinfo on Monday with directions. The reminder of the Fellowship deadline will be appearing in the upcoming issue of LibNotes and Karen will send out an additional one on hulinfo closer to February 15.

Program Updates: Alix will be discussing the proposed program on Special Collections at the Design School with Mary Daniels shortly and will report on those discussions at the next meeting.

The Committee reviewed the Remote Possibilities program. The speakers all seem to be in place and the date of March 19, from 10:00-11:30, is set. Hilde will ask Manda about the Business School contact. Karen will find a room for the program. The Committee agreed that taking the speakers out to lunch would be appropriate and Hilde will pursue funding for this. Hilde will draft an announcement to appear on hulinfo and will distribute it to Committee member for revision. It will include a broad overview of the intention of the program and brief descriptions of each speaker’s topic.

There was a short discussion about what Hilde should be keeping in the “official” archive and the Committee agreed it should be restricted to business and not include emails involving logistics, etc.

Hilde reported that the LA Executive Committee is considering the subject of the LDI Project for the spring Librarians’ Assembly meeting.

The Committee thanked Hilde for stepping in to take Peter’s place as Chair.

Next meeting: February 19th.

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