Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

December 11, 2002

Present: Amy Boucher, Doug Campbell, Laureen Esser, Ksenya Kiebuzinski, Manda Mahoney (Co-Chair, Minutes), Alix Reiskind (Co-Chair), Kazuko Sakaguchi, Karen Carlson Young.

Location: The Ukrainian Research Institute, 1583 Mass. Ave
  1. Review minutes procedure
  1. Decided to rotate minute-taking.

    • At beginning of meeting designate one member to take minutes.
    • That member is in charge of typing up minutes and distributing them electronically to the committee.
    • If there are any changes to be made, committee members are in charge of sending them to the minute taker.
    • Once finalized, the minute taker will send the minutes to Alix who will submit them to the webpage.

  2. Review of Music Library Program:

    (Alix and Laureen) The program had a great turnout. Some equipment problems. Probably due to fact that there is little lag time between when classes let out and programs start. There has been positive feedback from attendees.

    What did we learn for future programs? People enjoy the receptions afterwards. It helps extend the conversation. Gives people time to socialize with other librarians who they don’t often see. Also gives people a chance to ask questions & mingle with speakers.

  3. Upcoming Programs:

    XML Program: PDC should give an introduction to help publicize the group, and point people to our website.(Manda) This program filled up in 24 hours. Very popular. Alix and Manda will create & pass out agenda for program, show up early to set up

    Spring Program/Panel about Harvard "satellite" libraries: Manda/Alix need to give all information to Karen and Amy asap! Contact Michael Rocke, et al. to begin sorting out dates. Are we going to get in touch with Dumbarton Oaks? Possible themes and questions:

    • How do you function as part of the larger HU Community?
    • What systems have you developed to keep in touch? What are the challenges?
    • How do you navigate through your own library consortium, and HU?
    • What unique projects are you working on?
    • Karen to email Michael Rocke to work on Spring program.
    • Still need to establish schedule for events.

    Late Spring Program/Visit to Arnold Arboretum: We would still like to pursue this program. We need to find a contact person at the Arboretum. (maybe Sheila Connor). People will have to provide their own transportation, although we may consider coordinating some car-pools.

  4. Bryant Fellowship

    Report from Doug and Ksenya. Notice went out in HUL notes. Applications are going to Doug. There will be a Brown Bag Lunch, tentatively January 23rd. Dennis (last year’s winner) will speak, as will some previous winners (e.g. Judy Green). Will get announcement for Brown Bag in Library Notes as soon as speakers & space can be confirmed, so it will appear in January issue. Ksenya will create & send out flyers advertising the Fellowship, so PDC members can post in libraries.

  5. Webpage update:

    Report from Alix . New streamlined approach for submitting information. Gloria Korsman of the HUL executive committee will be “gatekeeper” of site. Submit changes to Alix, who will submit to Gloria.

  6. Announcement:
  7. Reminded PDC about upcoming HUL Patriot Act Program.

  8. Open Discussion:
    • Future programs might focus around mentoring and continuing education programs. There could be one person on the committee responsible for this effort. Questions about how to reach out / find new professional librarians. Also questions as to whether we should discuss these issues with Communications & Orientation Committee, as some of this will fall under their charge.
    • Kazuko suggested perhaps sending out a packet to new librarians, similar to what HR sends out, that contains info on being a librarian at Harvard.

  9. Next meeting: January 22, 2002, 9:30-11 a.m.

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