Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

February 27, 2003

Present: Amy Boucher, Doug Campbell, Jackie Dean (guest, co-Chair of Communications and Orientation Commitee), Laureen Esser, Candy Feldt, Ksenya Kiebuzinski, Manda Mahoney (co-Chair), Alix Reiskind (minutes, co-Chair), Kazuko Sakaguchi.

Absent: Karen Carlson Young.

Location: Widener, G-55.
  1. Discussion with Jackie Dean concerning the possibility of co-sponsoring upcoming programs
  1. We introduced ourselves and Jackie gave a brief background of the Communications and Orientation Committee. A number of possibilities were brainstormed, including:

    • A web site for new librarians communication information about the libraries (organization, who to contact for what, etc.).
    • Other tools for disseminating information to new librarians, a listserv outside of HULInfo?
    • Mentoring programs
    • Brown bag lunches throughout the year offering a place for discussions

    Questions: What would fall under Communications and Orientation Committee and what would fall under Professional Development? What would we need on a website? What is our responsibility vs. human resources?

    Kasuko spoke of programs at Illinois, a mentoring/evaluating team, and the need for similar programs here. Amy brought up the idea of a new librarians meeting group - a forum for discussion and dissemination of print information.

    Jackie will take these ideas to her committee and get their input. She will then get in touch with Alix and Manda about future discussions.

  2. Spring Program update

    Sponsors: Amy Boucher and Karen Carlson Young

    Wednesday, April 9, 2003
    9am - 12 pm
    Lamont Forum Room

    Michael Rocke, the Nicky Mariano Librarian for the Biblioteca Berenson, will speak on the following topics: a historical overview of the Biblioteca Berenson and its future integration into the Harvard University Library (HUL); the Biblioteca Berenson’s participation in a library consortium within Italy; the differences between the American and European library system; the skills needed for and the challenges faced by the Librarian for the Biblioteca Berenson; and how the Biblioteca Berenson serves as a resource for the HUL community (i.e. What is there? How do access its collections?).

    • 9 -10am: Coffee//Pastries
    • 10 - 11:30am: Presentation
    • 11:30 - 12pm: Questions

    The committee discussed what to do for lunch, Wadsworth house has offered a box lunch catered by Crimson Catering, but there is question as to where we could have this and whether it is what we want to do.

    Amy is coordinating the publicity for the event. We discussed who will give the introduction. Also, what technology will be needed, a slide projector? Computer?

    Manda agreed to write up a piece afterwards about the program for Library Notes.

    We decided we can iron out the rest of the logistics at our next meeting.

  3. Bryant Fellowship

    Sponsors: Doug Campbell and Ksenya Kiebuzinski

    Reported that the brown bag luncheon was a success - with many interested attendees and three past recipients who gave very good, “eye-opening” presentations on their projects.

    Applications were due February 14. The jury, Doug, Ksenya and Dennis Marnon are currently making their final decision. They received many applications all of excellent quality and content.

    Discussed ideas for changes in the Bryant Fellowship schedule.

  4. Next meeting:

    Thursday, March 20, 2003 in the Merritt Room of the Loeb Music Library, 9:30-11am.

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