Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

March 20, 2003

Present: Alix Reiskind (Co-Chair), Manda Mahoney (Co-Chair), Doug Campbell, Karen Carlson-Young, Laureen Esser, Candice Feldt, Ksenya Kiebuzinski

Absent: Amy Boucher, Kazuko Sakaguchi

Location: Loeb Music Library.


  1. There was a brief discussion of the need to update the PDC web site and the Librarians’ Assembly site in general

  2. The spring program was discussed (Karen). The program will be on April 9 from 9-12 in the Lamont Forum Room. Breakfast pastry and coffee will be served at 9:30 (Crimson Catering) and the talk by Michael Rocke will begin at 10:00, with question time at the end. The talk will be entitled “A Library With a View: Biblioteca Berenson at the Harvard Center for Italian Renaissance Studies.” Amy Boucher will be taking care of the publicity for this program, which will be announced in the Calendar, on HULinfo and via fliers. Lunch afterwards will be at the Faculty Club, with Michael Rocke and as many members of PDC as can be present. Manda will make reservations. If Mr. Rocke is interested in seeing other libraries, tours can be arranged for the afternoon.

  3. The Bryant Fellowship was discussed. Ksenya and Doug formed the committee to decide upon the recipients of this award. Of 7 applicants, 3 were selected for receiving fellowship money:

    • Irene Tarsis (Houghton)
    • Michael Olson (Widener)
    • Kathryn Allamong Jacob (Schlessinger)

    Doug has sent letters to all, with copies to Sid Verba. Winners will be announced via Lib. Notes, HULinfo and the Librarians’ Assembly/PDC web site. Winners will be invited to a luncheon in the fall to make their presentations.

  4. There was a brief discussion of plans for next academic year. Alix will follow up regarding the mentoring program we discussed at our last meeting. Also there is a possible program at the Arboretum coming up in the fall. There will be 2 more meetings of this group for this academic year (April and May).

  5. Next meeting will be April 24th, Thursday, at 625 Mass. Ave., 9:30-11:00. The May meeting will be at the Business School.

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