Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

Thursday, April 24, 2003

  1. Review of Spring Program : Michael Rocke talk.
    • At least 80 people attended. Karen and Amy received very positive reactions from attendees.
    • Still need to resolve budget issues with executive committee, so that we can effectively plan events and food/ drink considerations.
  2. Bryant Update
    • Librarians Lunch sponsored by HUL coming soon. Are Doug and Kesenya invited? PDC feels that Chairs of Bryant Fellowship should attend the lunch.
    • No changes will be made to Bryant Fellowship process next year. Everyone feels we had great success this year, with applications from many qualified librarians. Try to advertise in similar way next year.
  3. Librarians’ Assembly Announcements:
    • Malcolm Hamilton is retiring. Will be giving a speech “Retention & Recruitment…” Wednesday May 21st in the Sperry Room at the Divinity School. Gloria Korsman will be in charge of logistics; PDC will coordinate publicity & refreshments.
    • May 8th Collecting in foreign / hard to get to libraries.
  4. Program Ideas for Next Year :
    • Dumbarton Oaks. Panel of libraries to include: Harvard Forest, Arboretum (LDI> digitization), Hellenic studies.
    • Via, Oasis
    • Future directions: Aleph, OIS, metadata, XML.
    • Consolidation of libraries & implications.
    • Workshops: preservation, emergency preparedness, records management.
  5. Ideas and Next Steps for Mentoring Program :
    • Have a joint meeting with Communications Committee (one chair from PDC).
    • Create Web pages for new librarians.
    • Create handouts that come in HR package for new librarians.
    • Figure out what support we need from Assembly Administration.
    • Database of librarians, including interests and skills.
    • Update current directory. Make it more user-friendly.
    • Organization chart (ie what is HUL v. HCL) Help librarians know who to contact.
    • Mentoring: job support, job exchange, training & workshops.

Next meeting: (new date) Tuesday, June 3, 9:30-11am in Lamont 211.

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