Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

June 3, 2003

Present: Amy Boucher, Doug Campbell, Laureen Esser, Candy Feldt, Ksenya Kiebuzinski, Manda Mahoney (co-chair), Alix Reiskind (co-chair), Karen Carlson Young

Absent: Kazuko Sakaguchi

Location: Lamont 211

Follow-up to Michael Rocke’s visit and program. Alix reported sending the thank-you card to Villa I Tatti. Manda reported that she sent Rocke interview questions for a piece she is composing for HUL Notes, he is in the process of answering these, when he finishes Manda will complete the piece.

Discussed the Malcolm Hamilton program (May 21, 3-5pm, Sperry Room, Divinity School). Malcolm’s talk focused on ways to attract new librarians as well as retain skilled employees; he covered mentor-ing, leadership/management training, and professional development. The program was fairly successful, but we feel the distance of the Divinity School and the very rainy afternoon deterred some people from coming. But, we, as a committee, hope to follow-up on some of these ideas.

Bryant Fellowship: feedback on the lunch presentations was very positive. In the future we would like to secure invitations for the members of the Bryant Fellowship committee, particularly the chairs, who were not invited this year. Doug and Ksenya agreed to chair the Bryant Fellowship Committee for another year (2003-2004).

Alix reported on the last LAEC Committee meeting.

Discussed Professional Development Committee chairs for next year. Manda resigned as co-Chair and Laureen volunteered to co-Chair with Alix for the next year (2003-2004), this will allow Laureen to “learn the ropes” during Alix’s final year and then she can co-Chair with a new person during her final year.

Discussed ideas for next year’s programs. Alix will follow-up with Sheila Connor about a visit to the Arnold Arboretum early in the school year, we will find another member or two to assist with that program.

At 10:30am Renata Kalnins and Patricia Tully, the new co-chairs of the Rights and Responsibilities Committee, joined us to discuss the future mentor program - both to brainstorm ideas for the program as well as discuss if their committee would like to participate. It was an extremely fruitful, positive discussion. We came up with numerous ideas and have decided to dedicate our summer to researching other mentor programs. We may have some email discussions this summer and then, hopefully, begin tackling the design of the program in the fall.

This was Candy Feldt and Kasuko Sakaguchi’s (absent) final meeting. We will be getting two new members in the fall.

We adjourned for the summer, but may have informal discussions via email and will meet again either at the end of August or early September.

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