Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

September 10, 2003

Attending: Amira Aaron, Laureen Esser (notetaker), Carol Ellerbeck, Ksenya Kiebuzinski, Alix Reiskind (convenor), Manda Salls, Karen Young.

Absent: Amy Boucher, Doug Campbell

PDC “mission statement”: The primary purpose of the PDC is to plan events that offer learning opportunities for the HUL community and to support activities that promote career development. This year, the Committee members will work on several events, coordinate the Bryant Fellowship, and develop a mentoring program in cooperation with the Rights and Responsibilities and the Communication and Orientation Committees.

Meeting minutes: Each committee member will be responsible for taking notes for one meeting during the year. The notetaker rota will be distributed with each meeting agenda. Once notes are completed, they can be sent to Alix and Laureen and they will be posted on the PDC web page.

Event Planning: A draft version of ideas for planning and publicizing events was distributed. Any additional ideas can be sent to Laureen.

Arnold Arborteum: The Arboretum will be our first event of the year and a tentative date of October 17th was selected. Alix has already worked with Sheila for initial event planning, and Karen and Alix will coordinate this event. The program will cover the living collections, mapping and tracking of plants, and preparing plants for the herbarium. Attendance for the event will not be limited. We will need to check for information on handicapped access and parking. Since people will be arranging their own transportation, we will send out detailed directions through HULINFO. A time and place for meeting after the event will also be arranged.

Bryant Fellowship: Several ways to increase awareness of the Fellowship were discussed: monthly HULINFO messages, short articles on projects that have been supported by Bryant funds, a bibliography, and timing of meetings and announcements. Last year there were at least 7 applicants, but there does not seem to be a high level of awareness about the Fellowship. Increasing the funding might also be helpful.

Mentor Program: The LAEC has been very receptive to ideas about the mentoring program. Alix and Laureen will be meeting with Renata and Pat from Rights and Responsibilities to discuss possibilities for the program. Committee members might want to look at the web-based programs at Yale and University of Georgia.

It was suggested that a sub-committee of two members of the PDC, R&R and C&O be formed to work on establishing a mentoring program.

Future Program Ideas:

Action Items:

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