Professional Development Committee

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting

November 12, 2003

Present: Amira Aaron (minutes), Amy Boucher, Doug Campbell, Carol Ellerbeck, Laureen Esser (co-chair), Ksenya Kiebuzinski, Manda Mahoney, Alix Reiskind (co-chair).

Absent: : Amy Boucher, Karen Carlson Young

We wished Laureen a happy birthday, complete with cake!

  1. Laureen and Alix gave a report on the Librarians’ Assembly’s Executive Committee meeting. The Executive Committee will be meeting with the ULC at some point to exchange communication, following a meeting last year with Sid and Barbara. The Fall Program of the LA will be held on December 11th from 3-4:30 at Gutman. It will feature a state of the library talk by Sid Verba and then a program on " Front-line collaboration: Harvard Librarians discuss librarian/faculty collaboration in support of the teaching and research goals of the University." With budgets getting tight, there will not be separate welcoming lunches for new librarians. Instead, they will be invited to a Librarian's Luncheon and accompanied by a member of the Librarian's Assembly Communications & Orientation Committee. Other social events will also be reviewed.

  2. Report on Fall Program: Approximately 25-30 people attended the tour of the Arnold Arboretum on October 17 and about 10 people stayed on for an informal gathering at Doyle's. All agreed that this was a very successful program, well-planned and organized. Feedback has been very positive. Alix sent a box of chocolates to Sheila and her staff to thank them.

  3. Winter Program: Manda and Amira will meet to plan the winter program on an introduction to digital library projects - introductory 2-hour educational session about digital libraries, projects, etc. - for those who just want to learn more about it. Sue Kriegsman from OIS will be the main presenter and we will try to follow the program with one or more tours of the DIG. It will be held in late January or early February and will be co-sponsored by LDI.

  4. Bryant fellowship: Ksenya is working on messages announcing the fellowship and will bring flyers for us to post.

  5. Mentor program: We have yet to receive a report from the Mentor sub-committee. Laureen may join Amy, Doug and Karen as part of our delegation and will ask Pat what is happening. We may prepare some documents with suggestions to move the effort along. We discussed perhaps inviting someone who has a successful mentoring program to come and speak to us. We need a written "handbook" for new librarians.

  6. Future program ideas: We discussed several ideas for future programs and members of the committee were assigned to look into some of these ideas. Ksenya will pursue a program on the Dumbarton Oaks library, perhaps for the Spring. Carol will look into "library/museum partnerships." Doug suggested a tour of Countway and perhaps some other medical/hospital libraries and will follow up on this idea. Amira will look into a possible program on iCommons and instructional technology. Alix will research a program on networking, career development, job changes, etc., and she will also see if we should do another program on XML. Laureen suggested doing something about scholarly communication - self-archiving, preprints, open access - she will look into this further.

Next meeting: Wednesday, December 10, 9:30-11am at 625 Mass. Ave., 3rd floor.

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